Hung European Boys Trade Holes In Obsede Du Cul!

I love seeing hung European boys enjoying their cocks and sharing them with each other. It’s even better when it’s outdoor fucking like the scenes in Obsede Du Cul!

Hung European Boys In Obsede Du Cul
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Full cast list: Unknown

Studio: Clair Production

You might notice that I don’t have the cast list for this one. It’s one of those studios that doesn’t bother letting us know who the stars are. Disappointing, I know.

Although, it could just be that there are too many guys in this movie to be able to list them all.

If you’re as much of a fan of hung European boys as I am (and of course you are!) you’re going to recognize several of the gorgeous boys in this movie.

This gay porn release from France is all about the outdoors. Lean and fit jocks and twinks meeting up in the sun to suck those big penises. Then shoving their raw inches into each other’s pert little butts.

Sound good?

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Whether they’re friends enjoying an afternoon at the lake or buddies spending a weekend camping in the woods, they have one thing on their minds.

Big uncut cocks are revealed for their friends to lick and suck, with precum dribbling all over, holes being licked out, and puckers being stretched by naked erections.

It’s a great mix of duos and threesomes, with everyone getting what they came on the trip for.

Although it’s officially six scenes it looks like the first official scene is a movie in itself. We jump from one suck and fuck with hung European boys making each other cum to another.

In total it’s more than three and a half hours of hardcore bareback action.

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Now, if you don’t mind, I need to start looking for new friends to go camping with this summer! 🙂

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