Shae Reynolds Gets Into The Men’s Briefs Of Hung Muscle Man Cade Maddox!

How active is your imagination? Could you magic up a hung muscle man in your own head and enjoy a fantasy like this?

I believe I have a pretty good imagination.

Regarding fantasies, I’ve enjoyed all manner of hot scenarios in my head, with guys like Ryan Reynolds, Tom Holland, and Chris Evans.

I’m willing to bet some of you have done the same for each of those guys I just mentioned!

That’s what we get in this fantastical scene with Shae Reynolds and hung muscle man Cade Maddox from Falcon Studios.

Cade is the gorgeous male model Shae has been admiring on billboards around town, and just like magic, he finds the big hunk right there in front of him!

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If only it was that easy.

It’s all a dream, of course. Still, it’s the kind of dream I would welcome.

Fuck my sleep paralysis demon. I want this! lol

Hung muscle man Cade is soon delivering on Shae’s fantastical needs. His big cock is out for slurping, and the young man gets his pucker licked before the hunky stud slides his long meat deep inside.

If you’ve never seen this dude top before, you’re definitely in for a treat.

Cade’s been one of my faves for a while now, and I will always click on his videos.

He’s just the perfect mix of handsome, hunky, and hung.

This one definitely delivers, and you’ll all be hoping to doze off tonight and have Cade invading your dreams and invading your ass.

Check out some pics of this hardcore bareback ass-slamming session. Then click here to watch every delicious moment.

Meanwhile, I’m gonna go and read up on lucid dreaming. Again. lol

Who wouldn’t love to see a couple of Men’s Briefs superheroes out of their spandex?

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