I Would Crawl Over Glass To Get The Muscle Dick Of Gorgeous Hunk Kai Olsson!

MY RATING: 10/10

Oh my goodness! I can’t remember being this excited to see a guy fucking another guy on video. He’s a new arrival, he’s gorgeous, he has a juicy uncut muscle dick and he’s about to become the next big thing at BelAmi Online.

Now and then a guy comes along in porn who really grabs me by the dick and won’t let go. Blond hunk Kai Olsson is the latest guy to achieve that. Meet my new infatuation.

Bel Ami is famed for their gorgeous guys, right? There’s something in the water wherever they get these models from. Not only are so many of them so awesome, with immaculate physiques and rampant boners, they also seem to be capable of shooting off some of the biggest cum loads.

I probably don’t need to tell you that Kai Olsson ticks all of those boxes.

We find out a lot about him Kai this debut. Things start out slow with an interview segment where he explains his workout and diet routine (YAWN). Thankfully, the conversation picks up steam when Kai gets into his sex life. It turns out this gorgeous man loves deep throating big dicks and sucking down lots of cum. I guess he’s one of those gym-going dudes who understand how good a hot load of splooge is for your diet. 🙂

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Needless to say, this incredible hunk is going to be really popular in the months to come. I’m so glad to have discovered Kai right at the start of his gay porn career. I can totally imagine him becoming the next Lukas Ridgeston.

And by the way, Lukas is the guy shooting this solo video. If you don’t know who Lukas is then where the hell have you been for the last 20 years? lol

In conclusion, enjoy some of the screen grabs from Kai Olsson’s debut solo jack off scene. Lastly, make sure you click here to watch the full video. You’re gonna want to keep track of what this insanely gorgeous man does next.

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