I’d gladly Self-Isolate With Muscled Cam Guy Hadess!

MY RATING: 10/10

Is it time for some of that gallows humor yet? I feel like we’re pretty much there already, aren’t we? A friend called me this morning and asked if I wanted to go to the gym tomorrow. I suggested we could just go to the train station and lick handrails instead. Nope, no, I’m not going to the gym for the next two weeks at least. I’ve just ordered some new dumbbells and I’m choosing to self-isolate for the time being. It’s okay, I have a lot of awesome men to keep me company, guys like Hadess!

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Hadess is a big and buff hunk with a natural talent

Honestly, aside from all the concerns about what’s going on in the world (and the anxiety a lot of us might be feeling), I never realized I could be this much of a hypochondriac. We’ve never had so many ways to entertain ourselves while sealing up our doors and windows and forcing the food delivery guy to leave everything ten feet away from our front doors.

TopRatedGayPorn.Live is probably going to become my go-to place for some healthy social interaction. That’s even more certain now that I’ve discovered this handsome and hunky man.

His name is Hadess and he’s a 37-year-old from London, with a big body and a 7″ uncut cock to show off and play with for his audience. He’s on cam and performing for his fans right now, in fact, so you’re lucky I’ve taken the time out to come and share him with you instead of keeping him to myself. lol

He’s into guys, too. Yep, this handsome male-model-like stud is all about the dick. Thus, I can only imagine that he gets plenty of it looking the way he does.

Hadess talks a lot about really teasing and having a good time with his fans and from what they say about him it seems to work. He’s also got a big thing for public sex and being an exhibitionist. I guess that means he’s the kind of man who likes to go cruising around London. Having done that myself just a few times I can imagine the thrill of catching him in a random men’s room!

Damn, I just realized cruising is going to be off the menu for a while too. Consequently, I guess we should all be clicking through to get to know guys on cam. 😉

Now go and wash your damn hands!

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