Jacking it with Big Muscle Man John Colman!

Click to watch muscle man John Colman on cam
Cam guy John Colman is a big burly hunk

I went to the gym this morning. Don’t fall off your chair in shock! I’d pretty much fucked up my new year’s resolutions within a week. But, for some reason today I woke up with enough energy to get my ass down there. I’m really glad I did. I saw a big muscle man hunk of a dude putting on a show in the showers!

Click to watch muscle man John Colman on cam
Cam guy John Colman is a big burly hunk

It wasn’t big muscled cam guy John Colman, but when I got back I was looking for the right man over at TopRatedGayPorn.Live to be able to retell this little story and when I saw this guy I knew you’d want to check him out too.

So, the gym I go to is kinda known for being a little cruisy. No, you won’t find guys fucking in the sauna. However, you will see dudes in the open showers working their stiff ones and checking out the sights. Occasionally, if it’s quiet enough, you might get a little friendly handjob or sucking action, but most of the time it seems to be just curious jocks and daddies who like a little voyeurism or exhibitionism.

The guy this morning was that kinda dude. He was a big guy, really powerful, which kind of explains why I wouldn’t be hitting on him (I don’t wanna get punched, thanks). We did a little checking each other out, admiring boners, having a little stroke, and shooting off a load each and that was it, we were back to cleaning up. It’s just one of those things that happen now and then.

Yes, I will be going back that early again sometime!

So, what can I tell you about John Colman? He’s a sexy gay guy with a big beefy body and a 7″ uncut cock. In fact, he’s definitely the kind of guy you’d see in the gym showers putting on a show. John’s definitely an extrovert, a natural performer. From the look of the videos I’ve seen on his page already, he really knows how to get his fans cumming with him.

And now I’ve realized that most of this post is about me and a stranger at the gym. Not really about this handsome cam guy. Finally, I guess that means you should click through and read everything there is to know about him. Better yet, you could just go and jack off to his videos and live chat shows! 🙂

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