Jacking off with straight blond boy Andrej Opeka!

Would you ride it for him?


Happy Monday guys! Another week begins, and although I tried to start it the best way this morning with a trip to the gym all I accomplished was pulling a muscle in my shoulder. So, I’m trying to jack my way through it with some solo fun this afternoon and when I saw this new straight blond boy enjoying his dick on camera I thought you guys might like to see him too.

click to watch Andrej Opeka jacking off at William Higgins
Straight boy Andrej Opeka is ready to get his cock out for the guys

I’m gonna start this off in a way I wouldn’t normally do, by telling you that I’m certain we’ll be seeing Andrej Opeka sucking dick and fucking another boy soon. Yes, even though he’s straight and never done anything with another guy. Why do I say that? Because he admits that it’s all about the money. Of course, they’re gonna be giving him some cash and he’s gonna be exploring things with other guys! I really can’t wait to see that.

This young man is twenty-one (21) and looking for a job. I’m not saying that’s the reason he’s decided to appear on a gay porn site. Personally I think a lot of guys like to use the need for money as a convenient excuse to suck a dick for the first time, but I guess we’ll see how he takes to it when he comes back for more. 🙂

Andrej’s got a nice cock, too. If you love uncut dicks on slim young straight guys then you’re gonna want to watch him wanking out his juices in this solo session. He doesn’t stop at just playing with his cock either, he’s showing off that virgin ass and making us all wonder if we might see a dick crammed up it in the next few weeks.

I’m not saying the thought of that gets him worked up, but after a good long wank Andrej Opeka is splashing out a powerful mess of cum from that cock. Will we see him splashing a load as big as that over one of the other boys soon? I think so, and I’m already looking forward to it.

Now, if you don’t mind, I need to go and find some frozen peas for this damn shoulder. Jacking off certainly didn’t help! lol

Click for Andrej’s first-time video!

You want to be kneeling between those twink legs, right?
Good enough to suck deep
That’s an inviting straight boy hole!
It looks like he’s enjoying the performance!
Would you ride it for him?

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