Jerking It With Hairy Muscle Man Ivan Kerk!

I don’t think this is the first time we’ve enjoyed this big and hairy muscle man here on the blog. He’s solo this time, but it’s damn hot to watch him play in this Jawked video.

Hairy Muscle Man Ivan Kerk

I’m pretty sure we’ve seen Ivan Kerk here before. I’m not sure whether he was going by a different name.

He’s hot enough for me to remember appreciating him before, but then again he is kinda my type of guy.

The hairy muscle man is handsome and built, the kind of powerful stud I see at the gym and want to admire up close.

In reality, I’m too much of a coward to do much more than watch from a distance. lol

I think he’s one of those Eastern European guys who started out straight when he got into the business. But you know how that usually goes, right?

That first session with another guy, just to make some money, ends up leading them into full-on hardcore gay porn with all kinds of guys.

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This is Ivan’s fourth video at Jawked, but I already know he’s gonna be back for more action soon.

I have people on the inside. 🙂

He’s been a great hairy muscle man top in his other videos. However, this time it’s all about him getting to grips with that uncut cock and stroking that hard length until his cream is gushing.

As a guy who enjoys jack off masturbation videos almost as much as sucking/fucking sessions I can say that it’s nice to kick back and just rub along with a big guy like this.

Sure, I’d love to be there to do all kinds of other stuff with him. Nevertheless, watching him enjoying himself in a solo is still damn hot.

Enjoy some of the pics and click here to watch him in action.

You’re gonna want to see those videos of him pounding raw twink ass when you get there, too!

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Hairy Muscle Man Ivan Kerk Masturbation Video

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