Jock Buddies Fuck For Real In Best Buds TJ & Ben!

They’ve been friends for years but never thought they’d do this! See jock buddies fuck for the first time at TLA Gay Unlimited!

Cast: Ben, T.J.

Studio: Corbin Fisher

Have you ever had a hot buddy you would love to fuck around with?

I think we all have, right?

Whether it’s someone you work with or a good friend, every guy has that one pal they would gladly get their dick out with for some good fun if they had the opportunity.

That’s what this classic movie from Corbin Fisher is all about – jock buddies fuck for the first time, and we get to enjoy it!

Sexy young college guys, JT and Ben, have been friends for years. They’ve seen each other naked plenty of times. They might have even jacked off together once or twice.

But what they haven’t done before is suck each other and fuck out some loads.

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When they started shooting for Corbin Fisher, they must have expected they would be teamed up to fuck.

Apparently, they were either secretly looking forward to that opportunity or didn’t think about it too much.

Needless to say, their journey from being best friends to fuck buddies is insanely hot to watch.

We get over an hour of awesome boner fun with these two friends in four hot action scenes.

See them making cock contact for the first time, getting a taste of each other’s meat, fucking hot college jock hole, and shooting their loads off together.

We even get some awesome fourgy action with the friends teaming up to have a great time with a couple of other buddies!

We all know how good Corbin Fisher is when it comes to delivering hot sex with the hottest college jock guys. This is one of their best deliveries, in my opinion.

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