Sweet Jock Flip Fuck At The Sugar Shack!

I’m sometimes amazed at the themes gay porn directors come up with. This jock flip fuck from Falcon Studios had me wondering… how? lol

I know I’ve asked this before, but how do porn directors come up with their themes and stories?

It’s often baffling. I suppose inspiration just hits, and someone has a new idea for a theme. Then they run with it.

I’m one of the first to complain when a theme or story has been done to death, but it’s often preferable to having no narrative at all.

In the case of Sugar Shack from Falcon Studios, they’ve really reached for something new.

I’m gonna guess they had an opportunity for a filming location, and the rest just came naturally.

I mean, with a set like this to film in, what other story are you gonna come up with? lol

Skyy Knox is playing the part of a sugar maker, which I didn’t know was a thing.

I mean, I know sugar has to be farmed and processed, but I didn’t know there was “making” involved.

He’s in the process of teaching young Maverick Sun all about Maple Syrup, but you know these two horny hunks from Canada are soon gonna be enjoying a lesson in cock pleasure. 😉

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Maverick is apparently an eager student.

Once he knows his mentor is down to fuck around, they’re soon gobbling those hard boners and swapping slurps.

Even though I have a sweet tooth, I would be more interested in these guys’ meaty tools than the sugar around them. lol

Needless to say, the two gorgeous studs are quickly enjoying a jock flip fuck, with each taking a good raw pounding right there.

It’s probably good that they didn’t get sticky with some produce. That would probably have been a little too much to deal with.

We do get some gooey messes, though. When the two have finally sucked and fucked each other to the limit, they finish with a double friendly fire finish, drenching each other’s dicks in their cum spurts!

Click here and check it out.

It’s a hot scene with a couple of great guys, and the theme is actually pretty fun!

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