Jordan Starr’s Jock Strap Fetish Gets Him Into The Best Kind Of Trouble!

I don’t believe I have a jock strap fetish, but I sure wouldn’t mind sniffing this guy’s jock and him catching me in the act!

Jock Strap Fetish

What is the difference between a fetish and a casual interest?

I don’t know.

I don’t think I have a jock strap fetish, but I do love seeing a guy bulging out in one in the locker room at the gym!

Maybe I do have a jock strap fetish. I can’t say I wouldn’t jack off while sniffing one if I happened to find one belonging to a seriously hot football athlete. lol

That’s the situation for this college locker room bareback session from Forever Falcon.

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Jordan Starr is the tall and hunky janitor getting caught indulging in his own jock strap fetish. And he’s caught by the perfect guy in TALES FROM THE LOCKER ROOM 3.

Football player Isaac Parker isn’t pissed about the discovery.

In no time at all, he’s getting into some seriously hot rimming and cock sucking with the studly fetishist.

With their oral treat making them both stiff and damp, Isaac offers up his jock hole, and the big guy sinks his naked cock in balls deep.

The greedy football star loves the feel of a hard length inside him. We must also wonder how many of his teammates have scored with him! 😉

The two finish off with some milky messes pumping out of their dick tips and a delicious taste of the good stuff.

Let me know in the comments if you have a jock strap fetish. Have you ever stolen someone else’s pouch for some discreet cock stroking?

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Jock Strap Fetish Pics

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