Kicking off Pride Month with some Muscle Daddy Hotness! Michal Kozub is Damn Fine!

Everyone and their dog is out there today promoting Pride Month, all those corporations you don’t hear from the rest of the year when it comes to equality are suddenly sharing their rainbow graphics and claiming to be on our side (just ignore all the homophobia they’ve supported, funded, or simply ignored for the last year). Do I sound like a bitter old queen? Maybe. Well, I intend to make you feel better about all that cynicism with some excellent porn today, starring gorgeous muscle daddy hunk Michal Kozub.

Click to see Michal Kozub jacking off
The handsome muscle daddy we all want to teach a thing or two

This guy is just my type, although I feel like I say that too often and it’s lost all meaning.

He actually arrived there way back in 2011, getting a load out in a solo shoot and making me (foolishly) think we would be seeing a lot more of this man exploring new things. Well, he soon disappeared again, only to come back in 2015 for some more solo videos. It’s exhausting trying to get straight men to be a little more daring, right? lol

He came back again in 2016 and let another dude give him a hand job for the first time, and again I thought this was it, surely he was gonna be back to explore some more after that, right?

Three years later he’s back once again for another solo, and while it’s good and definitely worth seeing they’d better get him back soon for more fun with another dude or I’m gonna start writing stern letters of complaint.

He’s so handsome, so fit, and so damn sexy, I feel like he’s wasted far too many years dipping his toe into the gay porn business and it’s about time he grabbed and dick and got busy, a dick other than his own, of course.

Check him out, get in there and watch his videos, add some comments and convince the gorgeous hunk of hotness to come back soon and not wait another three years for another hand job! 🙂

I would suck on that for a while
Ready for servicing
Such a tease!
Getting down to it
Ready for his closeup

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