Le Garcon Scandaleux introduced me to Chris Loan, thanks CockyBoys!

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Scandalous, or slutty?

I tried to learn other languages when I was young, but once I got all the best curse words in French, German and Spanish I was basically done. I can tell you that Le Garcon Scandaleux means The Scandalous Boy, but only because I ran it through Google Translate. This is one of the top rated movies over at TLA this week, and one I would definitely recommend!

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Scandalous, or slutty?
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Full cast list: Ben Masters, Carter Dane, Chris Loan, Cory Kane, Damian Grey, Doryann Marguet, Levi Karter, Paul Delay, Sean Ford

Studio: CockyBoys

They do say that Paris is the city of love. If this movie is any indication it’s also the city of lust.

Maybe I’m a little biased? I confess that I could listen to a French guy reading the instructions for my TV and my cock would be hard in seconds. Foreign languages have always fascinated me. I once overheard two French guys having a conversation in a park in London. I sat there for more than half an hour just listening, with no clue what they were saying.

Directors Jake Jaxson and R.J. Sebastian team up to deliver an impressive story of youthful exploration in Le Garcon Scandaleux. A gorgeous group of twinks and muscled jocks get together to share their stiff dicks in seven intensely erotic scenes. Being a CockyBoys title you know the kind of quality you’re gonna get with a movie like this. No one films and edits the way they do. While so many other studios are just pumping out whatever they get on camera without much thought for set design, location, direction, or anything else really, these guys deliver gorgeously sumptuous and sensual shoots.

They’ve already won numerous awards for their releases, so I’m not gonna gush about them much more. I’m just gonna tell you that you need to watch this movie and see it for yourself.

I know a few of the guys in this movie, or I should say I’m familiar with their work. However, Chris Loan is a new guy I haven’t checked out before. I can confirm that he’s now on my list of dudes to lust after. You can watch him in scene five.

Every minute of this movie is awesome, you need to watch it. I would recommend trying the Unlimited Membership option, you get 40% off when you click from here.

Come back and let me know what you thought of the young hotties in Le Garcon Scandaleux, I know you’re gonna love it.

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  1. Am a French prof (Dr.) Arizona guy. I do not consider the last scene to be pornographic. It’s polished cinema. It’s like Sean (Arkansa) won an Olympic gold in 200m freestyle. He did us THAT proud. The boy is just above it all. I have known no American who masters Paris and Parisians like he *really* does no acting or role play. Slays the place with this easygoing graciousness mixed with a not-pose of 1% contempt and 99% intoxicated dumbfounded flawless moves words honesty and hella well-read. Paul is forced to slip into French bc it would be embarassing to reveal “this is too good.” I mean even if is good you don’t admit it in that at once brutal but open-to-intense.sweet all the time. And when it is good no one in The City of Lights would come down off the (deserved) pedestal to let fly that it’s too good. Sean just “was” bc he IS. No schein (appearance): all sein (BE). But then now bffs and bfs Sean n Paul let us in on how it happened…cast the camera to the wind. It ain’t there. And yet we get not-voyeur, but joyful insight lime no other filming of that time/space I know of. The professional-disciplined moves rise off the charts, up there in unbelievable sync where few homo sapiens have ever gone. Like music at a higb level: only tight practice for hours every day for months will “make perfect.” You go into the flowzone and the flow takes you with it somehow knowing you’ll obey. Bravi! Both of you guys. You are not so surprised Paul had that in him. But in a kind of disbelief at how Sean went there as it it’s second nature. Just loved our country again first time in awhile. Merci infiniment les gars, hein!

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