Lucas Daniels back in action at Zack Randall?

Country boy Lucas Daniels in gay porn at ZackRandall
Handsome country boy Lucas is easily corruptible

I have a love/hate relationship with my email inbox. Most of the time, it’s overflowing with spam from “Russian babes” looking for love and (weirdly) offers for Trump coins. Whatever the fuck they are? But every now and then, I get a gem from one of my friends in the business. These insider insights make me less inclined to burn my laptop in the backyard. A case in point is I’m glad I caught this news before I over-zealously hit the trash button. Thankfully, Lucas Daniels is about to return to Zack Randall.

Country boy Lucas Daniels in gay porn at ZackRandall
The handsome country boy Lucas is easily corruptible

Now it’s time to confess. You probably don’t have the privilege of knowing who Lucas Daniels is, right? This is perfectly understandable. Zack Randall is one of those seldom discussed sites in the gay porn world. Perhaps this is because the masses are a little too obsessed with the bigger studios. Subsequently, the viewing public in general completely ignores where their performers came from. It’s pretty likely gorgeous Lucas will one day end up at one of those big studios.

Lucas arrived back in 2017. He was a sexy straight country boy with a big ole’ cock and an adventurous attitude. He was apparently straight back then. Nevertheless, that didn’t last long. In fact, he arrived ready to explore and didn’t waste a moment getting down to some awesome cum splashing fun with another one of their guys. Personally, I believe that he’s one of those boys who masturbated with friends or got some head from a dude in a dive bar a few times. Haven’t we all been there?

Now, I know some of you are groaning and rolling your eyes, another straight boy in gay porn “coming over ‘ere, stealing our jawbs!”

With all due respect, there’s plenty of room for the gay boys to get their dicks out. Let the “straight” guys play, too, please. 🙂

Aside from being damn fine-looking, Lucas has a great cock with an eagerness to explore. Plus, he can really shoot the cream. Lucas fits in well there, considering Zack (the site’s namesake) is an uncut self-sucking cum factory. This boy can reload that dick again and again. In his debut duo, he pumped out plenty of cream and made a real mess. It was almost as though he’d been waiting to get his hands on another cock for a long time. 😉


From a historical perspective, Lucas made some awesome videos at Zack Randall in 2017. Then for some unknown reason, he unexpectedly disappeared. Consequently, it is feared that it was the end of his gay porn career. However, I’m reliably told by a connection in the business that he’s about to return for another solo. Furthermore, he’s likely to be back for some fucking in the next few weeks!

I know many of you are still fixated on the big polished jocks of the major studios. That being said, you’re missing out if you haven’t seen the Zack Randall site and watched Lucas Daniels on video, then click through to watch him now. I’m about to go back and see that debut two-part duo again. 😉

Lube up!

straight boy sucking cock
Lucas seems to like the taste of dick
straight boys sucking cock on video
Lucas gets a taste of cock in his debut
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Even straight boys love a little cock frotting
two straight boys rubbing dicks
You’d love to blow them both, right?
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Two straight boy butt holes ready for fucking
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Pick a hole and fill it

You’re still here? There’s a whole lot more to check out at Zack Randall. You should go and check it out. I’m not just saying that because I’m promoting their content. All in all, it’s terrific if you like straight amateur guys having fun.

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