Marcus Rivers fucks a butt for the first time, and other news from Zack Randall!

handsome gay boy sucking a long cock
Marcus Rivers is a talented dick slurper

I’m having a very odd day. I got up far too early this morning and had little sleep, and it’s made me kind of… floopy (shout out to Phoebe Buffay there). I almost tried to go back to sleep, but then I noticed I had an email from one of my contacts in the business and when I read it I couldn’t wait to share the gossip. Apparently, gorgeous Marcus Rivers is about to fuck a butt for the first time over at Zack Randall!

Cute boy Marcus Rivers in the hot tub
Marcus Rivers is such a hot little cutie!

I haven’t written about him on the blog yet, but prepare to become a little infatuated with this adorable young man.

He’s a petite thing, damn fine looking, and with a great bod too. He’s been making videos there for a while and he’s always been great to watch, but until now he’s always been the one sucking cock and getting fucked in the butt. I was quite happy to carry on watching him getting it good from some of their other dudes, but when I found out that he’d been back for a threesome and topped for the first time my dick was stiffer than a length of steel in the arctic.

I don’t know much about the scenario we can expect to see him in, but I’m told there’s a new guy involved. They pick some great dudes for their videos, so I can’t wait to see who it is he slides his dick into for the first time!

That’s not all I heard about Zack Randall this week. Apparently they recently shot a jack off contest with Zack himself and one of their new straight dudes. I love little cock play videos like that, there’s something damn hot about watching a straight dude just getting his cock out for some stroking with another guy and they’ve got some great new straight guys to choose from.

So, check out some pics from a previous video where Marcus got the chance to suck the cum out of a new straight guy, and make sure you click through to watch him in action. I think we only have to wait a few days before his first topping session arrives and I get the feeling it’s gonna be a good one!

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straight guy and gay guy watching porn
Two horny lads just chilling and watching porn
Marcus Rivers sucking cock
Bob gets his first gay head!
gay boy sucking a straight guy's cock
Bob’s cock likes all that attention
handsome gay boy sucking a long cock
Marcus Rivers is a talented dick slurper
hot boy cumming
You want to add your own cum to that finish
gay boy after sucking cock and jacking off
Marcus bathes in the afterglow of his cum load

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