Maxim Bikhov Gets Gay College Boy Theodore Wright Naked!

I have to confess that if I was this smooth and twinky gay college boy it wouldn’t take any convincing to get me sucking that jock boy dick.

Gay college boy fucking at Jawked

I entirely understand how gay college boy Theodore Wright feels.

My college career would have been short-lived if I’d had a distraction like Maxim Bikhov when I was studying.

I didn’t need many reasons to avoid the books, so adding a hot guy like him would have been fatal.

Also, I’m kind of pissed that I didn’t have a friend like him when I was a horny student. lol

Theodore is the slim little guy with his nose in his books when his friend arrives in his bedroom for this Jawked video.

Having said that, I think he’s supposed to be his step-brother rather than a friend. That’s the theme they go for there.

Not that it matters, It’s hot either way.

Maxim has arrived with a hard cock bulging his pants.

It’s not like the fit arrival really tries to hide it.

One look at that package being played with and the twink is on it, happy to abandon his studies.

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You’d be on that dick in a flash, too.

In moments he has the handsome jock boy’s cock out of his pants. It’s quickly in his mouth, sucking with the skill you’d expect from a gay college boy who’s probably learned a few tricks.

I’m not suggesting that college boys have a propensity to explore cock these days, but we know they do. lol

The beefier boy definitely shares young Theodore’s appreciation for a healthy boner.

Maxim Bikhov also has skills when it comes to sucking dick. When he gets the chance he’s on that stiffy and returning the favor.

He licks and slurps Theodore’s cock. Then gets the boy ready for the raw one in his ass as if the little guy needed much persuasion.

We don’t know what this gay college boy is studying but I think we all agree they both get an A+ in bareback fucking.

He’s soon taking it from behind, riding his bro’s dick and laying back for a deeper pounding!

By the time they’re done those cum loads have splashed impressively and they’ve made us join in with our own mess 🙂

Enjoy some of the pics, but make sure you click here for the full video.

Now, if you don’t mind I’m going to go and spend a little time thinking about all the fun I probably missed out on when I was in college. lol

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