MISSIONARY BOYS REVIEW – Young Guys in the Religious Order Learn the Hard Way!

I’m not a religious person, at all, in any way, so you’ll forgive me for not knowing much about the Mormons. From what I understand from the Missionary Boys website, their religion involves a lot of sexy white underwear, hairy daddies and hard-dicked young men sucking cock, fucking butts and unloading masses of milky man juice. Am I wrong? And where do I sign up?

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A little taste of the videos you’ll find at

I vaguely remember a website called MormonBoyz, but it looks like they’ve rebranded and made this out of all their content. I have to admit, while I didn’t get the whole theme of it before I can kind of understand it after having looked around there for a while and enjoyed some of their videos!

So, you have the Men and the Boys to look through. Under men you have guys like President Nelson, Bishop Angus and President Faust, clearly the dominant guys in this religious order. Then you have the boys, all titled Elder, which I’m guessing is all part of the hierarchical system of the theme.

Now, about the videos… you get more than 520 awesome scenes to watch on this site, and all with the same theme in various incarnations. Some of the videos are solo guys, some are orgies, most are of older men “educating” their younger counterparts in all kinds of ways. If you have a fetish for white underwear, suited men, older-on-younger and plenty of intense jerking, sucking and bareback fucking, then you’re probably going to be a member of this site for a long time to come.

The guys are real varied too. You obviously have a lot of handsome daddy type guys leading the fun, but you also have a great mix of twinks and jocks becoming the subject of their horny attention.

The site has been running for almost a decade so you can imagine that there’s a lot here for you to enjoy, but I would recommend going right back to the start and watching some of the early videos to see how they’ve grown. You’ll find lots of awesome action in the archives.

Older videos can be downloaded in three sizes – 640 x 360, 960 x 540, and 1280 x 720, but more recent scenes for the last couple of years have a HD option of 1920 x 1080. You can also stream all the videos too, clicking that option brings up an overlay of the video player.

Every video page comes with a collection of photos too. I couldn’t see most of them when I was there, because they weren’t loading, but I do think this is just a temporary problem (there’s a note on the site about them experiencing a server issue, so I guess it will all be back to normal soon).

There are a few issues I found with this site and it would be dastardly and dishonest for me to not mention them. First, a lot of the images wouldn’t load when I was scrolling through the pages and counting the videos or checking out the models. I don’t know if that’s a server issue or a local problem, but it’s only happened there and only with some of the images. Videos played perfectly fine. A much bigger problem for me was that the models names on the video pages don’t link to their profiles. I went all the way back to Elder Hatch (great jack off solo, btw) and clicked on his name to see what else he’d done since that debut, and it took me back to the main page.

I think this is probably something they’re gonna want to fix, but for now all you can do is scroll through the models one-by-one to find their profile page or click the alphabet menu at the top of the list to locate them.

The site is clumsy, it could use a redesign, errors like that need to be fixed, but these little glitches are still not enough to make me want to give this any kind of down-vote. The guys are great, the videos are beautifully shot, the action is damn hot and the theme is interesting.

I would absolutely recommend that you click through and check it out for yourself, it’s a unique site that’s obviously been successful for almost a decade and they’re still updating regularly with new videos, about once a week as far as I can tell. Although the videos aren’t dated, I’ve been paying attention!


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