Mitch Michaels Is A Gorgeous Jock Dom Cam Guy Ready To Control You!

If you like hot and muscular young men capable of taking control you’re gonna want to check out this gorgeous jock dom cam guy.

I could be wrong, but it seems to me a lot of muscle guys like to be dominated.

Plenty of bodybuilders are into bondage, for instance.

A lot of wealthy business men like relinquishing authority.

There’s an interesting psychological thing where the powerful want to be controlled.

I can’t say I know too much about it, but I want to study this up-close more thoroughly lol

Despite my limited knowledge several of the muscular men I know love to be put in vulnerable positions and ordered to please 🙂

Mitch Michaels is not one of those people, at least not when he’s the one performing.

He’s the man in charge and you’d all gladly submit to the will of this jock dom cam guy.

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I was trying to think of the things I wouldn’t be willing to do for this handsome and bearded Prague performer. It turns out that list is very short.

He’s awesome. While we don’t have video clips of his shows yet I can say that what I’ve seen has me hooked.

He’s a 21 year old with an incredible body, a long uncut pink cock and a gorgeous ass.

He might be the complete package.

Mitch is a bi-curious performer (aren’t they all?) who wants to show you a good time with interesting and themed shows involving power play and domination. The number of readers who’d turn down being dominated by this guy is small, and we all know it.

Coach/Trainee, Bad cop/Good cop or Prisoner/Guard.

Which would you choose?

He’s pretty new. It looks like he’s only been camming for a few months. Despite that he’s doing a great job of gaining new fans.

With good reason; he’s gorgeous!

I admit I like muscles and beards. Add a handsome face and an uncut cock and I’m all in lol

Check out some pics and click here to watch this jock dom cam guy in action.

We’re going to be seeing a lot more of him once he’s settled in and delivered some more shows.

I can’t wait.

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