MMA Fighters Know How to Have a Good Time! See Jay Diamond Getting it Good and Streaming Now at TLA!

Click to watch Jay Diamond Gets Worked Over on DVD
He's a straight MMA fighter who isn't scared to have a good time

How have I only just found out about handsome and fucking fit MMA fighter Joe Diamond? This dude is one serious hunk of deliciousness and the moment I saw the cover of this movie over at TLA Gay Unlimited I was clicking on it and getting my lube out for a good long wank! 🙂

Click to watch Jay Diamond Gets Worked Over on DVD
He’s a straight MMA fighter who isn’t scared to have a good time

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Full cast list: Jay Diamond

Studio: Gemini Studios

I don’t know what order the movies he’s been in fall into, but I know there are several DVD/VOD streams starring this guy. And he’s done a lot more with other dudes than the kinky session of play we see here. I’m guessing that this one might be one of his earlier movies before he discovered a taste for cock and butt sex.

Jay Diamond is my kind of straight man, a muscled and sporty dude with an eager cock and the willingness to explore all kinds of things, presumably for a good paycheck at the end of it. Having said that, if I actually knew this dude I would probably be scared of him a lot of the time, he reminds me of the high school bully, the jock who’d knock you on your ass before stealing your lunch money. Does that make him hotter? I’m so conflicted! lol

Speaking of lunch money, I would be throwing cash at this guy if I had the chance to make movies with him, wouldn’t you?

He’s good looking, with a damn fine body, a pretty decent sized cock and the eagerness to try new things, what’s not to love?

In this 54 minute movie the handsome stud is getting plenty of attention, with a lot of bondage and kinky action he probably hasn’t experienced before, and definitely not at the hands of another man. With his cock incessantly rubbed, his hole plundered with toys, pegs and pinching over his body and a big final cum load jerked out while he fucks himself in the ass with a toy, he certainly looks pleased with himself by the end of it all.

This movie definitely makes me wonder about that cross-over between hyper-masculinity and the desire to be fucked. You know what I’m talking about, but if you’re unsure this video should explain a lot of it to you 🙂

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