Muscled Mechanic Milan Cmil Squirts a Big Mess in his New Solo!


I saw this video this morning right after I got back from the gym. I don’t know why I still go, to be honest. I’m mostly there just to check out the hotties and maybe hook up with a dude. If Milan Cmil was a member of my gym, you can bet I would be following him into the showers!

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Handsome muscled guy Milan Cmil is back to show off

This isn’t the first time 33-year-old Milan Cmil has been on video for the William Higgins site. He was first there way back in 2013, and he returned after his debut shoot to have a great solo jack off session too. I’m not sure what happened to the big guy in the six years since, but clearly he wasn’t ready to explore more back then. I’m actually not sure if he’s going to be ready for that now. He claims to be totally straight and has never even thought about trying anything with another guy he does say that maybe he’ll be interested in that when he gets older…?

I’ve never heard anyone say that before, while also claiming to have no interest in other dudes. That’s odd, no?

Whatever, we’re just happy to see him showing off that hot body again, and posing for the cameras with some classic physique moves. He’s definitely got that whole muscle worship thing down, which I guess is why a lot of you might want to go and check out the video. You’d all love to explore that body for him and teach him a few things, right?

There’s more than a little narcissism in this video, with him getting that uncut cock out and throbbing while he watches himself in the mirror. I know I’ve seen plenty of dudes at the gym doing exactly the same, and even a few of them naked and hard while they do it too. I guess it’s a pretty common thing for men who like the look of themselves.

I have to say that the pics here don’t do this guy justice. He’s much more handsome in the video in my opinion, even though he’s damn hot in these photos. Click to check him out in action, and let’s all collectively hope we see him back for a massage or something. I get the feeling that although he says he’s not interested in anything with a guy, he’d be back for something if he was asked. 🙂

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