Teen Gay Friends Try Mutual Masturbation

Gay Mutual Masturbation Porn Videos

Is it wrong to have gay male friends? Of course not. In fact, it can be very erotic and useful especially if you are curious and horny about the gay lifestyle. If you are lucky like I was, you might even find that special friend to play some sexy games with while you find yourself. We have all heard of mutual masturbation, and this was my ultimate fantasy.

I always wanted to jerk off with someone special. I imagined that first I jerk off, and that person jerks off too. Then we jerk off to each other until we come together at the same time. I am John, and this is my story experimenting, with my best friend Billy then finally coming out for good when the time was oh so right!

Mutual Masturbation

Gay Mutual Masturbation Porn Videos

I had been bisexual since high school, and I didn’t care if this happened to me with a guy or a girl. I was interested in both. But, in my fantasy, it was a female with a cock. Yes, a gorgeous transsexual on the other side. I just wanted to feel someone else’s hand on my cock. It had been a long time since I last had sex. Secretly, I longed for someone to care for me and my sexually deprived cock. My friend Billy didn’t know anything about my fantasy. We had been friends forever.

Billy lived nearby, and our parents were lifelong friends. In fact, for more than twenty years. When we were younger, in high school, we started to hang around because we listened to the same type of music, and we became really close. So, our friendship was going on for ten or more years. Billy and I were both curious about gay sex and I must confess. My old friend fucked me in the ass, and I loved it. Yes, I admit it, and I had sex with my old friend during our senior year in high school.

We didn’t stay in touch on a regular basis but, one night I was feeling extremely horny, so I contacted him via Facebook. Billy left town for the big city and escaped small-town drama. By chance, he was visiting after being away for years. We mutually decided we should hang around and have some conversation about good old days. The town swirled with rumors that Billy he is gay, but he never admitted this to anyone. I just know we each had one special sexual experience and I was hoping for a repeat performance!

Mutual Masturbation Fantasy

Gay Mutual Masturbation

We arranged to meet once he settled in. It was great seeing Billy after all these years. He admitted that he was in love with me for a long time, but he didn’t dare to recognize this. I didn’t believe what I was hearing. Nobody ever knew that especially not me. We had some good times before and partied a lot. But I never thought he was in love with me. We both had girlfriends before, and he was never jealous, he was always a good friend. I was shocked (but, thrilled) when I heard that he loved me for all these years.

Billy and I met a local bar and had a few drinks. We talked a lot, and we got back to my apartment because we were broke at ten in the evening. I was not too drunk, but I acted like I am drunker than I really was at the time. If you know what I mean. So, I laid down on the couch, and he was sitting on the floor. He put on some music, and it was very nice. After a while, he asked if I’m sleeping or not. I didn’t respond so he came close to me. He touched my leg, and I was pretending I was asleep.

Thinking I was asleep, Billy found some porn on my laptop. He was watching Gay Mutual Masturbation Porn Videos on my Roku. I was still pretending I’m sleeping, but I peek at him every once in a while. He was horny, and he had a bulge in his pants. I knew he wanted to masturbate, but he didn’t do anything yet. So, a scene with two enjoying a mutual masturbation session made me horny too. I love to watch gay porn from time to time.

Mutual Masturbation Reality

Mutual Masturbation

Finally, he put his hand inside his pants and started to touch his cock slowly and gently. I found that very arousing. Out of nowhere, I surprised Billy by asking him nicely if he ever imagined fucking me again. He said yes, almost every day because he liked my big ass and tight body. Only this time he wanted to fuck me hard and rough. I asked him again. “Do you want to fuck me now?” But don’t tell anyone because I want this to be our little secret. He had some crazy looks in his eyes, and he knew I was totally serious.

My old best friend was a sex fiend, and he grabbed my arms hard. Billy said, “Just shut the fuck up and bend over.” Fuck me hard, I want to feel that big cock of yours in my ass. I want to feel the pain and pleasure. He didn’t ask for a blowjob, Billy informed me that I would suck his cock later to taste my own asshole. So, he took off my pants and started to penetrate me slowly. But, that didn’t last long because he fucked me rougher and faster as minutes went by. It was painful, and I liked it. My cock was hard and erect so I started to wank off as fast as I can.

He banged me from behind while pulling my hair. He was a beast, and an amazing best friend and lover. Billy was on fire, and he was so horny. I was horny too, and I wanted to keep this feeling for as long as I can. I could feel his cock in my ass, it was strange but exciting and very sensual feeling.

Mutual Masturbation Cumshots

Gay Mutual Masturbation Porn Videos

Also, it was feeling great during my jerk off session. Both of our cocks were hard, but his cock was definitely huge and more prominent than mine. There is something very erotic about man’s cock, and I felt an urge to suck his cock. So I did that. I felt the taste of my own ass. I suck him harder and harder like a vacuum, like never before. He ordered me to suck his dick. “Put my dick and my balls in your mouth, you little cock slut” he ordered me again. Billy commenting and I obeyed. I didn’t know he was a dirty talker, but I loved it! I was aroused when I heard those words.

Billy put cock deep down my throat, and I heard him screaming from pleasure. Cum inside my mouth, I told him, I want to feel that hot cum all over my tongue and throat. “Oh yes, Billy, stroke my cock, stroke my hard cock. You know entirely what I want and what I need. I waited for this for so long. I want to cum while you jerk off my cock, just don’t stop. But, Billy did stop! He lifted me from my knees so that we stood cock to cock. Without saying a word, we started our mutual masturbation session with hard and sweaty cocks pointed at each other. It only took a few strokes before several super thick ropes of cum were flying at each other! Spent, we gathered ourselves for the rest of Billy’s homecoming!

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