My Sexy Gay Business Affair

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Sexy Business Affair transpired merely a few years ago, but I still remember it clearly. I remember every moment, every detail as if it had happened yesterday. After several months of unemployment, I was hired by a new company. It was worth the wait as I really enjoyed it. Overnight, I had a lot of new male and female colleagues. Everything was great for the most part. We were normally a relaxed group and the atmosphere was chill. I worked from morning till dark but it did not bother me, I loved my colleagues and wanted to be more than friends with them. There were a lot of sexy men here but, Hot Gay Sex at Work was off limits. I couldn’t risk ignoring office policy of dating co-workers and engaging in a sexy business affair. Or could I?

I had known I was gay most of my life and was comfortable with my sexuality. That was what I liked the most about myself. I enjoyed women too but, not usually sexually. Women like having their gay friends close by, as they could talk to me about everything. They knew I was a person of trust and that their secret was safe with me. Everything was fine at the office. I had settled in nicely with the group. It only took several months before I got the chance to go on a business trip. The boss told me that I had displayed “added value” and that I would certainly be on a team that would go on this trip.

Sexy Business Affair

Hot Gay Sex at Work

This was my big opportunity. I had not been out of town for a long time and this was an opportunity to learn something new about my work. We were attending a seminar on new technologies in my profession. Eddi, Jack, and Yasmine were going with me. We all knew each other very well, and to be honest, Eddi was very funny and hot as fuck! Although I could hardly find out about his sexual orientation. He was friendly to everyone and kept his private life private. No one had a clue about his love life.

That day finally came, we left on the trip and would be out of the town for three days. I packed everything I needed and started happily to drive to the airport. My co-workers were waiting for me. We then boarded the plane and the journey started. Luckily, we all flew together in business class. It was a phenomenal and a better trip I could not imagine. Eddi was a bit nervous, but I thought he was just tired. He had not slept enough and would be in a better mood later on.

On the plane, we were treated like royalty. It was luxurious, so many new things I’ve not seen ever before. I had the best service and met a lot of new people who traveled with us to the same destination. Everything was great, but Eddi was still sad and down so I decided to talk to him. He seemed very fond of me even the first day I met him. But he had such an attitude that no man could not understand what he was thinking. Eddi had a poker face and well hid his feelings. But after two or three double whiskey shots on the plane, he opened his heart.

Sexy Business Affair at Work

Hot Gay Sex at Work

Eddi had just ended the long-lasting relationship and was depressed. I told him that he would always have a friend in me and a person he can talk to. Eddi confided that he was bisexual and had two serious relationships. One with the older man and one with a younger girl. They knew each other, and everything worked okay at the very beginning. But then things got complicated and he had to break off with both of them. “Do you know I’m gay?” I asked him. “I did not know, but you just may be my new boyfriend,” he grinned and winked at me.

His words were a bit confusing. I’m not sure whether he really meant it or just said it because he was a little drunk. I went to my seat and hoped to sleep a little. After a few hours of flight, we arrived at the destination. It was like a dream, the hotel was a deluxe category. I was in the room next to Yasmine, and Ed and Jack were in the room next to ours. We had a seminar tomorrow morning, so we had a partial day of sightseeing and shopping.

I went with Yasmine, and Ed and Jack said that they would rest from the traveling. They were very tired and that they would like to get some sleep. I was a bit jealous because of this, but I did not have the right to say anything. With Yasmine, I had a lot of fun in the city. We shopped all the biggest names in our industry and bought everything we liked. Plenty of new apparel, accessories, cosmetics, and everything that came under our hand.

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After a long walk and a fun day, we arrived at the hotel and it was a time for dinner. We headed to the restaurant and I decided to knock on Eddi’s and Jack’s suite to invite them to dinner. Nobody answered and the door was unlocked, so I went inside. I found the living room and I saw Jack who was completely naked. His big dick was hanging in front of me and I was in total shock.

“Sorry, I did not know there was anyone else, I just wanted to call you for dinner,” No problem, we will be there quickly, Eddi and I had a little fun while you shopped.” When he said that I was a little hurt, I did not know that Eddi would find a new boyfriend so fast, and that was Jack will be his new boyfriend. After dinner, I went back into the room and was not available for socializing with them. I told Yasmine what happened, I said that I like Eddi and he likes me.

I’ve been in lust with him for a long time, but after a long day, it was difficult not to get emotional. I drank a little wine and I opened my heart to her. I told her everything that bugged me. She was a good friend and a great listener. And then she took my hand and said there was a surprise for me. We took off for Eddi and Jack’s room. Yasmine told me that she and Jack are sexually connected in their own sexy business affair. They often have sex with other men, arranging bisexual orgies together with gay men.

Hot Gay Sex at Work

Sexy Business Affair

That thought made me very excited and they told me that they like me very much. In fact, they wanted to have sex with me and Eddi at the same time. I was at Eddi’s and Jack’s bedroom and they were already naked and they were kissing. Honestly, I had dreamed of this, never believing that this would occur. Making love with Eddi and now Jack was a huge bonus. Yasmine was hooking her gay friend up bigtime! I didn’t need to be asked twice when they asked me to join them in their sexy business affair.

Although I did not often feel attracted sexually when women were present, Yasmine gave me this opportunity to have sex with them, so I decided to kiss her. Eddi grabbed me from the back and yanked down my pants. Suddenly, we were all totally naked. Sexual tension quickly filled the air. Yasmine was riding Jack’s dick as Eddi and I kissed each other. I had waited for this moment. Eddi forced me down and pushed his huge dick in my mouth. While I was sucking Eddi’s cock, Jack was fucking my ass lubed with Yasmine’s pussy juice.

Yasmine was finger fucking herself while the men fucked each other. She wanted to try each hard cock inside her as well. We were all so hot, it took little time for us to cum in near simultaneous fashion. This short, sexy business affair trip will always be in my mind. I no longer work for the same company, but still have sex with them regularly. They are my favorite lovers of all time. I’m even thinking of submitting our sexcapades to my favorite real gay porn site. If you’ve ever wanted to know about how does gay sex really work? Just ask, I’m your man!

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