NAKEDSWORD REVIEW – More Gay Porn Than You Can Shake Your Wang At!

I remember the early days of NakedSword, back when the Internet was all new and sparkly. I realize that by admitting that I’m probably sounding a little old to you guys. Hey, I don’t consider myself a “daddy” and you shouldn’t either.

They kicked things off back in the ’90s when gay porn lovers were enduring a six-hour wait for a twenty-minute clip. I think it’s right to say that they’ve definitely grown with the times and adapted to be a leader in the adult business.

even if those big unkempt bushes on mustachioed leather-clad men aren’t your thing, you’ve got thousands of other movies to watch

Dubbed the “The NetFlix of Gay Porn” by the SF Chronicle (an appropriate description) NakedSword has become one of the most famous websites in the industry compiling one of the largest collections of hardcore action, you could ever find. Unlike the thousands of smaller studios out there, they’re more of an aggregator and distributor of the best releases with the hottest performers, covering everything from bears to kink, twinks to jocks. They deliver movies from Featured Studios such as CockyBoys, Falcon Studios, KinkMen, MenAtPlay, NakedSword Originals, and hundreds more.

I guess it’s not so surprising NakedSword is so popular given that they now have more than 23,000 hardcore scenes from about 6,000 DVDs. This expansive collection rewards members with some of the most famous men in the business, along with award-winning directors.

Check out their “Most Watched” category for much-loved DVD’s

With so much hardcore action to watch you really are spoiled for choice. It might sound like sales-speak, but I honestly could get lost in the NakedSword library for days at a time. When I have a “special friend” over for a movie night it’s the go-to venue for porn for us. When you check it out yourself you’ll understand why.

Paddy O'Brian
I will never get bored of watching Paddy!

For instance, I love watching thick-dicked London lad Paddy O’Brian going to town on a guy’s ass. I love watching some of the amazing vintage movies from the ’60s and ’70s too. You’ll find plenty of both at NakedSword. Plus everything in-between. There might be a couple of other places to find so much action. But, you’ll probably find yourself spending a lot more money in the process.

Is there a negative?

I guess I need to offer some kind of a downer in order to make it at least sound a little like I’m impartial. Honestly, I just love NakedSword, so sue me. Perhaps the only negative (and it’s not even their fault) is when you check out some of the real vintage videos the quality can less than stellar. As technology advanced from VHS to DVD, to streaming, these gay porn movies have been converted to various digital formats. As might be expected the resolution is going to suffer from the original source.

Just be glad you don’t have to hear them grinding to a screeching halt in the video player. Then wind on the spooling mess of tape with a pen when it goes mental, hoping that you haven’t ruined it. Sorry, 90% of you will have no clue what I’m talking about. lol

Somehow, that grainy, snowy, low-quality feel kinda makes them even better. You younger guys won’t get this, but there’s a certain nostalgia when guys like me see those old movies. It takes us back to stealing video cassettes from wardrobes and having hasty wanks with our buddies before putting them back. Hopefully unnoticed. I think we can forgive, or even appreciate, the poorer quality of those classics.

But like I said, even if those big unkempt bushes on mustachioed leather-clad men aren’t your thing, you’ve got thousands of other movies to watch.

This brings me to their update schedule, which seems to be more frenzied than a frat house party when the cops are called. I checked out another review from a couple of years ago while I was writing this post. Even then they were expressing surprise over how rapidly they update the site with new scenes.

While NakedSword doesn’t date their new arrivals we know there are eight (8) updates every day. Now consider most of the sites where you might be a member currently. Many of them don’t update that many times in a month, let alone a single day.

In related news, I think I might need someone to Postmates me a gallon of lube now that I’ve checked out the scenes they’ve added since I last sat down for a good binge. lol

Complete DVD’s are arriving pretty regularly too, all cataloged and searchable. Click on any DVD and you’ll find individual scenes to watch. In addition, pertinent details for the release and streaming video on demand (VOD) options.

Being such a leader in the industry NakedSword also has its own branded releases in its own category. It has to be said that these are quite lavish productions. Not the kind of thing any third-rate porn site puts out. This namesake content and production are all on another level.

Click on “STARS” from the top menu and you’ll be able to scroll through hundreds of guys and click on any to check out their scenes. Granted, you won’t be able to find many of the vintage guys from decades past in this listing. Nonetheless, it’s great if you have some fave performers of the last twenty years you want to feast your eyes on. We all have a list in our heads, right?

You can check out the “THEMES” option and go through an incredible list. Everything from uncut cock to smoking, creampie to toe sucking. I was expecting to maybe find a couple of topics I might need to research further but that didn’t happen. I’m proud to say that it turns out I’m a slut. I know all the dirty words for all the dirty deeds.

There’s an “NSFW” option in the top menu, which confused the fuck out of me before I clicked it and realized that stands for “NakedSword Film Works.” This is a category dedicated to the more dramatic releases, with proper acting and a real story to follow! I haven’t delved into these yet. However, they look pretty good considering this is a gay porn site we’re talking about.

So, now we get down to the price. I guess this is where I admit that I gave up membership to another site I’d had for five years to join NakedSword. I finally realized what I was paying for and what I was missing out on. After two years of being a member, I still haven’t even wanked my way through one-tenth of what they have available to watch.

A yearly membership (which I would recommend) works out at $16.50 a month. And excuse me for giving you the “hard sell” again, but remember that this is for full and complete access to more than 23,000 hardcore scenes.

I’ve actually seen people complaining that isn’t good value for money. Obviously those people would have to be idiots to state that. Name another website out there gives you so much for that kind of price? It’s why I love it so much. I can’t really imagine ever giving up my membership now that I have it.

Yes, I’m promoting NakedSword. Nevertheless, even if I weren’t I would still be telling you to click here and check it out. I don’t believe you’ll ever regret it. Your wang may be sore as hell from fapping, but you won’t regret it! 😉

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