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Dudes love all that cream!

As you might have noticed, we just got our lucky readers a major discount on their first month at TLA Gay Unlimited! If you haven’t taken advantage of this yet then you are really missing out, as this new post is about to show you. They’ve been adding some awesome new DVDs to their streaming collection, and being a massive fan of this director I had to check out the Joe Gage Cum DVD.

Click to watch Joe Gage Cum DVD
Dudes love all that cream!
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Whether you call it spooge, ball juice, nut, or jizz, every dude loves to see the cream pumping from a well-worked cock. I don’t care if you are gay, straight, or somewhere in-between. If our entire history of video porn has taught us anything it’s that all men love to see a dick unloading the good stuff at the end of a proper workout.

As one of the most famous and prolific gay porn directors in the world (seriously, I want that job!) Joe Gage probably witnessed thousands upon thousands of awesome ejaculatory celebrations over the years. Joe Gage Cum brings gay porn fans some of the best, the messiest, and horniest in this collection of juicy moments.

You get more than 120 messy finishes in this DVD. Each capturing the final moments of an awesome jack off, a pounding butt fuck. Some of the greediest oral you’ll ever watch between guys. Some of the biggest stars to ever appear for Joe Gage and Dragon Media are featured. Spewing semen from their meat over their friends, into waiting mouths, over butt cracks. And more!

I have to confess that I haven’t even made it through half of this movie before blasting off with these guys. Even more, reasons to download it now. See how deep you can get before you have to purge those balls and get your own mess pumping.

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A taste of what to expect
A friendly jack off spooge fest
You can get a lot of cum from a dick that big!
He’s about to get his reward
Greedy boys want the goo

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