Otter Harrison Levi gets a Load Out in a Sexy Solo Stroke Show!

Quickly throbbing

You might have noticed that the site was down for a brief period yesterday. Tech happens, so I need to wish you all a belated Happy 4th July. I hope you had a good time. Surprisingly there hasn’t been much porn out there in keeping with the theme of the holiday, and believe me I did look. So, instead of some hottie draped in a flag (really, what other theme could there be?) I’ve got a hot solo stroke show with a sexy otter to share with you from the Zack Randall studio.

click to watch Harrison Levi jacking off at Zack Randall
Inked otter Harrison Levi is ready to play!

I’m guessing Harrison Levi is what you’d call an “Otter.” Am I right? I think I’m a little too old to have educated myself about all these new labels for dudes, I’m still learning.

Harrison is not new to appearing on video. He’s been in a great fuck scene already and he knows what he likes. Of course, I would have preferred to see another session of him going at it with another dude. Nonetheless, you guys know I love a good solo stroke show too so I can’t say this new video didn’t do it for me.

He’s a sexy guy, with just the right amount of fur for me. Anything more and I’d probably want to trim him down a little but he’s looking pretty damn tempting in this solo.

I don’t know what he’s watching but it’s apparently some real hot gay porn. It does the trick, after showing us that bulging package in his underwear he shows off his nuts and swings those low-hangers around a little before revealing everything and getting to work on his cock. The solo stroke show gets started in Harrison’s hand while he watches his phone and strokes himself to a good sticky cum load.

Now, can I get just a little bit “more gay” here and complain about the setting? Honestly, it looks like they filmed in a trailer from the ’70s. I really think they might need to get their gayest performer in to modernize a little. lol

Enjoy Harrison Levi, click to watch his video!

Have you read the Zack Randall review yet? If you’re into a solo stroke show or twelve, you probably should. 😉

Harrison Levi solo stroke show
Check out that booty
ball bouncing jack off gay porn
Someone suck those nuts!
Zack Randall solo stroke show
Ready to get to work
Harrison Levi masturbating
Quickly throbbing
solo stroke show from Harrison Levi
Stroking it good
Harrison Levi shoot cums on himself
Messy otter!

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