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Alton Lewis is one of the most insanely hot cam guys I have ever seen

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I can’t believe it’s been more than a year since we first saw this insanely hot cam guy on the blog. I’d always planned that we would revisit some of the best live chat models from again down the road. However, it’s been far too long since we enjoyed seeing Alton Lewis splashed with cum. It’s about time we got some more pics of the ridiculously hot dude on here for you guys.

Click to watch Alton Lewis jacking off on cam
Alton Lewis is one of the most insanely hot cam guys I have ever seen

I really don’t care if you have a “type” other than insanely hot muscle jock. You have to admit that Alton Lewis is one damn fine specimen. I don’t care that he’s straight. He’s the kind of man I think everyone reading this would gladly dedicate a lot of time to persuading to try going the other way. And you know what? It probably wouldn’t take a whole lot to get this horny guy to at least try a little something.

Alton actually states in his bio that one of his favorite fantasies is being rimmed by a girl while he fucks a guy. He thinks sharing pleasure with both sexes at the same time is super hot. After two years of online performance for many satisfied male customers, this hot cam guy might be a little more open to things than before. I can understand that, I still think *most* guys have at least a little interest in cock. And we definitely have a lot of interest in his throbbing dick!

Alton’s gorgeous from head to toe. He’s got an amazingly thick, uncut cock that can spurt a lot of cum after a good private cock edging show. Alton’s kinky too, so a lot of horny chat fantasies will only make that load bigger for the final splashing.

Enjoy some more stills from his splashed with cum cam shows. They should give you a good idea of what to expect in private chat. If you still haven’t seen him yet then make sure you click here and check Alton Lewis out on gay cams. Don’t worry, I’ll be back with another update on him when the time is right. Maybe by then he’ll have already been in his first male duo cam show and explored a little more? 🙂

Hot Cam Guy Alton Lewis
Alton Lewis splashed with cum
Hot cam Alton Lewis has a throbbing cock to show
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