Rumor has it Lucas Daniels is back to suck Zack Randall!

Lucas Daniels Gay Porn ZackRandall

UPDATE: The rumor was true! Click to see these guys sucking each other.

Okay, guys, I have something pretty fucking special for you today. You know that one of my fave guys over at is straight-ish country boy Lucas Daniels, I’ve written about him a couple of times, and I was hoping he would be back for more. Well, I just got word that he has been back and appeared in something extraordinary!

Country boy Lucas Daniels in gay porn at ZackRandall
The handsome country boy Lucas is easily corruptible

Fans of cock sucking, big cum loads, and straight guys feasting on the dick will want to know about this.

If you’re unfamiliar with this lad, he started out on the site way back in 2017, diving in with a mutual jack off and cock sucking session with another one of their guys. He had a fabulous time, unloading masses of cum in more than one climax. He just kept reloading and playing with his new buddy! That should have been an indication that we’d be seeing a lot more of him, and although he came back for some head and jacked off a few times, even exploring anal play with some toys, we’ve all been waiting for more cock-on-cock action with the guy.

I’m reliably told that he’s been back and shot an incredible mutual sucking scene with hung cum-gusher Zack Randall himself! Of course, our uncut thick-dicked hottie wanted to get in on the action with this lad, wouldn’t you?

I haven’t seen the video yet, but I’m told it’s a fantastic amateur-style shoot with the two licking and sucking each other into a frenzy, and I really can’t wait to watch it.

As it hasn’t been released yet, I don’t have pics to show you, but stick around on the blog, and you’ll get some of that juicy action the moment it’s out. Believe me. I’m gonna be refreshing their website until it appears!

Go and check him out on video if you haven’t seen what he’s been up to so far. You’ll probably want to see his first scenes where he was gobbling dick for the first time and realizing how fucking hot it is. 😉

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