Self Sucking and My Friend Who Can!

I read somewhere that about 10% of guys are flexible enough to be able to suck their own cock. However, only 5% realize they can. And before you ask, 90% of guys are jealous of those who can reach it. It’s something I know we would all love to do. I don’t care how straight a guy says he is. If he could blow his own dick he would be on it daily. Self sucking is the secret answer no guy gives when a friend asks them what special skill or talent they would love to have. Probably second only to consistently being able to cum a gigantic load every time.

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I love seeing self sucking (aka Autofellatio) on video. I’ve had the chance to see it live a few times too. A guy I knew about ten years ago had an 8″ uncut cock. Not unlike the meat, Zack is wielding in a lot of his videos. One drunken evening he confessed to a group of us that he could suck his own dick. Of course, it led to a torrent of questions, not least of all if he’d show us. He was/is straight, so it’s probably not surprising that he chose not to get his cock out and put on a performance for us at that moment. I’m sure we would have been kicked out of the pub too.

I know I wasn’t the only one who caught up with him after that and inquired directly. In more private surroundings, he agreed to show me. It was incredible to watch. He didn’t just kiss the tip as some guys do, he could properly bend over and suck at least two inches of his meat. Needless to say, I was so turned on I had to get my cock out and give it a try, despite already knowing I couldn’t bend like that. After failing to achieve my goal I just watched him working his dick while I jerked off to the show. It was more than fun. I enjoyed a front-row seat to the self sucking a few times after too.

We had a good discussion about whether he would suck anyone else. I’m ashamed to say we got quite philosophical about it. After watching each other blow our loads, of course. He got my hopes up when he said he’d been curious about whether it would taste like his cock, but he wasn’t willing to explore it at the time. He did say that it would probably have to be a 69 scenario which would make it feel more like he was just sucking himself.

I didn’t push it. I was just happy I got to watch and we could share some solo cum shooting together. Nonetheless, it did get me thinking about the sexuality involved. Without getting too intellectual about it, if a straight guy can suck his own cock, how different would it be to suck someone else’s? Does that make them bi?


He couldn’t answer me when it came to the question of sexuality. It was clear that he’d thought about it more than most probably do. He did reveal that he likes to cum in his mouth and swallowed his own load more than a few times in the heat of bliss. Of course, I offered the same service. Unfortunately for my taste buds, he politely declined. lol

As I’m not straight, I don’t know the answer to the question of sexuality or how complex it is for guys like him. After years of sporadic research and chatting with other self sucking guys online it certainly seems that most of the guys who can do it consider themselves bisexual or bi-curious who aren’t turned off by the idea of sucking other guys.

There are also various positions guys adopt to be able to reach their manhood or get more of it. There are also guys who never could reach it when they were younger. This intriguing skill was acquired when they took up Yoga. The same is also true in reverse. There are guys who used to be able to suck themselves but lost the ability as they got older.

Let me know in the comments what you guys think about the practice. I think it’s fair to say you’ve all tried to blow your own. I’m pretty sure every single man over the age of 20 has attempted it. How many of you can? More importantly, how far did you get? And if you’re straight, would you blow another for the same in return?

In closing, you should totally check out all the Zack Randall videos in our store. If you’re into seeing an uncut guy blowing himself and shooting off some gigantic loads, his videos are for you. Zack’s a massive cummer and his solo blow sessions are amazing to watch.

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