Servicing Straight Guys With Lucky Jake Cruise!

There’s a hell of a lot of gay porn that I would love to be involved in from directing to filming. However, servicing straight guys would be like a dream come true!

Jake Cruise Servicing Straight Guys
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Cast list: J.B. Downs, Jake Cruise, Patrick Bateman, Zack Cook, Zane Reynolds

Studio: Jake Cruise

Say what you want about the whole gay-for-pay thing in porn, but you have to admit it’s fucking hot seeing straight guys serviced by another dude for the first time.

It used to be all the rage before guys became more open-minded.

These days it feels like Bisexual is the default.

That’s not a bad thing of course. No guy should complain about men being down to fool around more often.

Still, DVDs like this one, packed with hand jobs and dick sucking, are still awesome to me.

If there was one job in gay porn that I’d love to have it’s this.

Jake is renowned for what he used to do. I don’t think he’s still in the business, but maybe I’m wrong?

Let us know in the comments.

No doubt Jake Cruise is still out there servicing straight guys whenever he can. There’s probably no shortage of dudes ready to kick back and let him play, too.

That’s what this two-hour collection is all about.

He’s got four buff young straight men naked in this studio, on his massage table, ready to be oiled up, jacked off, and sucked to a big finish.

I think a couple of them have probably been in solos or maybe enjoyed a hand job from him previously, but there’s no denying they’re really enjoying his mouth on their meat.

Anyone who’s ever had the chance to play around with a straight guy’s cock knows how much fun it is, especially when you really work them over.

There’s a lot of edging and cock play going on before they’re finally slinging their cum out in big messy climaxes.

You know that when you make a dude blow like that he’s gonna be back for more. 🙂

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Jake Cruise Gay Massage Porn
Jake Cruise Gay Porn Massage
Jake Cruise Servicing Straight Guys to Orgasm
Servicing Straight Guys is Jake Cruise's specialty

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