Sexy Uncut Cam Guy Michael Ragnar Is A Natural Performer!

This happens to me a lot. I see a dude on cam and he reminds me of someone I used to fuck around with. That’s the case with this new uncut cam guy.

His name is Michael Ragnar. He reminds me so much of a guy I used to explore things with way back before I really knew what being into guys meant.

It was just curious play, but it was some of the best fun I ever had with another guy.

This uncut cam guy looks a lot like my friend from back then, from his facial features to his build. However, it’s that cock that really reminds me of my buddy.

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Michael Ragnar has a big, meaty intact cock that he loves to wank and he’s pretty good at it.

A natural performer. Michael’s been doing this for 5 years and knows how to entertain. He’s not one of those buff and polished models you see a lot of.

This guy is beefy, natural, a little hairy in the right places.

He’s bi-curious, which – as I’ve said before – seems to be almost a default position these days. Are younger guys these days just being more honest about their interest in dicks?

I hope so! 🙂

If you like natural guys who just naturally enjoy performing this uncut cam guy is likely to have you clicking and wanking along with him.

I’ve grabbed some pics from his shows for you guys to check out but you should definitely click here to watch him. Michael has a lot of fans and they all seem to really enjoy his shows.

I will say that I think he’s exaggerating with the 9″ cock claim, but I ain’t complaining about the inches he does have.

Enjoy him, and make sure you come back and leave a comment if you go and check him out.

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