Silver Daddy President Oaks gives young Elder Boon a lesson in Pleasure!


Hey guys! I’m back with another awesome video from the MissionaryBoys site. I already know that this one is gonna get that dick of yours rigid and leaking pre. If you’re into handsome and fit silver daddies (and who the hell isn’t?) you’re gonna want to check this one out.

Click to see silver daddy President Oaks fuck Elder Boon
Elder Boon gets some awesome punishment

President Oaks is the studly man delivering an amazing lesson of hard-dicked pleasure to inexperienced young Elder Boon in this new video on the Missionary Boys site. I have to admit that while this handsome daddy first grabbed my attention the description of the scene totally sealed the deal for me.

They describe young Elder Boon as being slightly indoctrinated into faith becoming a little more awakened when surrounded by all the other horny boys of the order. This gives me a perfect opportunity to talk about a dude I knew who grew up in a very strict Christian home. This “indoctrination” stuck with him for years, even when he was out cruising the men’s room and sucking off every guy he could find. He was a strange guy to try to know, being both self-loathing but a total cock lover. I don’t envy guys in that kind of mindset.

Elder Boon is less inclined to hide what he likes, and that’s why he’s gotten himself into trouble with this handsome silver daddy! President Oaks has to give the young man some punishment, starting with a stern spanking. It should come as no surprise that this discipline is only gonna get the boy hard and ready for more. Soon enough Elder Boon is bent over and taking that thick raw cock in his ass. President Oaks continues to “punishes” him for being such a slutty member of the order and enticing so many of the other boys into enjoying their dicks together.

Needless to say, I’m not entirely sure such “punishment” would work, but then I think silver daddy Oaks knows that! 🙂

Check out some of the pics and click through for the video. It’s a slightly strange porn site, but I have to admit the way they film and the themes they present are damn hot. If you’ve never seen the site before maybe check out my review of it too.

Getting a good grope
Spanking is a good start
Brave boy Elder Boon takes a beating
Too tempting a sight!
Elder Boon is a hungry lad
Who wouldn’t want to suck on that silver daddy cock?
Ready to ride through the “punishment”
Silver daddy President Oaks takes control

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