Slurping And Jerking With European Gay Boys Nils Tatum And Bruce Querelle!

We’ve seen both of these gorgeous European gay boys here on the blog before, and together in a hardcore bareback fuck, too. This time it’s all about the cock play!

If you know anything about the BelAmi site you know what they do there and you know how popular their models and hardcore action is. It’s all about some of the hottest sex with some of the most stunning young men. They have a specific style and a very specific type.

These two boys fit it well.

These two European gay boys have been in plenty of awesome hardcore bareback porn for the studio in the past and they’re obviously friends in real life, which makes this cock play session even more fun.

It’s technically a photo shoot, but you know they film everything. That’s what makes this so good, it’s just a couple of buddies getting their cocks out and having a good time sucking and jerking together.

Blond boy Nils and his friend Bruce Querelle are just enjoying themselves in this video, playing with each other’s uncut dicks, checking out some butt holes, stroking, frotting and sucking those boners until they’re both kicking back and spurting off their cum wads.

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It’s innocent, friendly fun between a couple of gorgeous European gay boys who know how to spend their time together. I already know that every single one of you would love to be there on that couch with them and spurting off some rounds of splooge! 🙂

Check out the pics and click here for the video. When you get there you should definitely check out all the hardcore fucking these stunning European gay boys have been in.

Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go and contemplate starting my own gay porn studio. I wonder how many boys like this there are in the UK?

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