Sexy Soccer Jock Dann Grey Gets Fucked!

I do love a hot soccer jock in uniform, but I love them even more when they’re getting a good pounding from a bareback cock!

I think I’ve probably made it clear on numerous occasions that I was never sporty. The closest I get to playing any sport is checking out the hotties in uniform. And wondering what goes on in the showers!

Sure, I go to the gym (mostly to cruise, though lol), but I never got involved with sports.

Do I regret it? Absolutely. Especially when I see hot soccer jocks like Dann Grey getting fucked.

I knew guys like him when I was in my 20s. I sucked a few of them. You might think soccer lads are all straight, but even the straight ones like a good sucking. 😉

There is definitely something about the uniform, right?

Those silky shorts and long socks… just makes you want to haul it out and get to work, right?

Dann definitely looks the part in this Jawked video with lucky lad Nico Vegas.

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Dann is looking suspiciously clean, considering he’s back from football.

The scene is called Dann Feels Dirty, but he doesn’t look it. lol

Nico doesn’t ask any questions, he’s just happy his pal is back, and Dann didn’t shoot off his load in the showers with the guys.

The handsome soccer jock is loaded with cum, and he needs some attention. You can bet Nico is gonna give him what he needs!

The two start out with some kisses and groping, but soon those cocks are being serviced right there in the kitchen.

Nico can’t wait to slide his naked length between those footballer ass cheeks, pumping his penis inside his pal right there.

While I would probably be heading to the bedroom, it seems Dann still needs a shower after soccer practice.

It’s a good opportunity for the pals to finish up their raw fuck in the bathroom. 😉

Check out some pics while I think about all the soccer cocks out there in need of some sucking.

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