Straight blond teen Peto Mohac gets his first raw gay fuck with Vadim Covrescu!

straight boy cumming after flip fucking first time
He delivers a good load

Most of the time when I see a video like this one I pick which performer I would envision myself portraying. That said, this time I would gladly be either. In fact, in an ideal fantasy world, I’d just be in the middle of these guys and having plenty of fun with both. Fuck it, bring in their entire crew too. We’ll make it one hell of a party. Handsome dark boy Vadim Covrescu gets the opportunity to break-in blond straight teen Peto Mohac for his first raw gay fuck. I’m guessing he wasn’t the only William Higgins performer who wanted to fill that hole for the first time. Lucky lad!

Virgin straight twink in a raw flip fuck
Can a straight teen fuck and take it too?

Nineteen (19) year old Peto has been in a few videos already. However, the furthest he’s gone before this was a “soft duo” with (ridiculously gorgeous) Hugo Antonin. We haven’t seen Hugo on the blog yet, but you can be pretty sure we’ll have some pics of him up soon enough. Peto was getting plenty of head in that one. He reached out to jerk off his new buddy and get his first feel of a cock other than his own. While I love seeing that in a gay porn video but I was really looking forward to seeing the boy getting fucked. I was hoping he’d be back to explore some more.

Surprisingly, while I would have thought this boy’s first time would have seen him topping, Peto’s actually diving right in with a bareback flip-fuck. That takes some balls. Clearly, he’s got all the confidence and horniness needed to deliver a great flip-fuck. He’s the first to get it, after a good amount of sucking and rimming from Vadim. This foreplay preps him for the fuck to come. Once his friend slides that cock in things really kick-off.

I actually thought Peto might shoot his load early. He seems to be having that much fun. Thankfully he can hold his cum back and deliver the same to Vadim in return. The video finishes up with both boys splashing their cream out over Vadim’s stomach.

One thing I need to point out about something noteworthy as it relates to smooth blond boy Peto Mohac. For some reason, we haven’t seen him suck a dick yet. Isn’t that odd? I mean, I remember when I was just starting out. Sucking cock came long before I ever got fucked. Perhaps, it’s different for some guys. Nonetheless, I am surprised that this straight lad has jumped right into raw gay fucking without ever tasting a cock.

Will we see Peto slurping dick soon? I think it’s safe to say we probably will. Believe me, I’m certainly looking forward to it.

Why are you still here reading this? Click and check out the fun Peto Mohac and Vadim Covrescu have together!

Vadim Covrescu sucking Peto Mohac
Vadim Covrescu sucks cock like a pro
straight boy being rimmed
Vadim gets an “A” in Ass Rimming 101
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Imagine how tight that hot virgin ass is
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Straight boy Peto takes control
straight boy cumming after flip fucking first time
He delivers a good load

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