Straight buddies beating off, William Steele and Groovy Dave splash cream together!

two straight guys cocks out

I need straight friends like these two boys. Damn, where do I find a couple of straight lads who aren’t so shy they have a panic attack if you see their dick? William Steele (the hot blond lad) and his buddy Groovy Dave really aren’t shy about things. Furthermore, this new double jack off video from Zack Randall proves that fact.

straight buddies about to jack off
Hey bro, you wanna jack off?

Can I just say something about the name “Groovy Dave?” I know lads usually think up their own porn name to perform under. Nevertheless, you’d think a director might at least try to steer them in the right direction. “Captain Thunder Cock” would have been better than Groovy Dave. At least then we’d know it’s tongue-in-cheek rather than being in this weird little middle-ground where it just seems odd.

Okay, I know, I’m focusing on the wrong thing. I should be talking about the fact that these are two horny straight boys getting their dicks out together while jacking off over some pussy. In case you hadn’t noticed by now it’s one of my little fetishes, I love seeing a couple of horny lads like these enjoying their dicks together shamelessly. I only wish more straight boys like these two were easygoing enough to share their bate with others. I could watch it for hours!


One of the best things about this video is hearing them talking, as friends. They do know each other, pretty well too. As a result, this isn’t just a couple of lads rubbing their dicks, it’s a couple of good friends enjoying their cocks and splashing out some good loads. Who doesn’t love watching that?

Meanwhile, check out some of the preview pics, but click through for the video at Zack Randall. This is the kind of thing they do and they’re awesome at it.

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Two horny bros, just chillin’
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Release the boners!
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Who has the best nuts?
two straight guys cocks out
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Who can get super hard the quickest?
two straight friends jacking off
“Don’t watch me bro”
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Surveying the damage
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