Straight Dude Corey Gunz is Back to Shoot Another Load!


Remember a few months ago when I got the news that straight jock dude Corey Gunz had been back to fuck another guy for the first time, and we got that new video? I was sure we were going to be seeing a lot more of him, but although he’s been absent since I was glad to see him back to deliver another hot cock rubbing solo.

click to see him showing off his cock and balls
Fit straight guy Corey is ready to entertain

You probably know that I was pretty impressed just with his side-by-side jack off with another dude way back. I kinda like those “soft-core” scenes. However, when he returned and slid his 8″ meat into another guy’s hole for the first time I was shooting off a messy round with them both pretty quickly. Here’s hoping there is gonna be a lot more from this dude in the future.

Corey’s got a horny and easygoing attitude about things, which is something I really like to see in a straight performer. Usually, it means they’re just waiting to be thrown some extra money before they suck a dick for the first time. Maybe we’ll be getting that from this guy eventually. For now, I’m cool with another long cock play session from him.

This one starts out as kind of a photoshoot, like an extra scene or something. Soon Corey’s showing off those big swinging balls and playing with his prick. He then works up a good boner, rubbing his wet inches until he’s getting his hot cream gushing out of his meat.

If you’re not imagining some tea bagging from this guy then there’s something wrong with you.

Check out some pics of the scruffy hunk showing off that body and enjoying his big nuts and swinging dick. Click through and watch him in action and make sure you check out those previous videos, too. If you still don’t know what you get over you might want to mosey on over to read our Zack Randall review, you’ve missed out on so much and you really need to catch up! 🙂


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