Today I’m Lusting after Straight Fighter Osman Pestar!

Those balls need some sucking too


Why do I have a thing for straight bad boys? I’m sure there are probably reasons, but I neither have the time or the money to see a shrink and find out what it’s all about. I don’t think I need to anyway, it’s fun to lust after gorgeous hunks like this ridiculously mean-looking dude! lol

Click to see Osman Pestar jacking off on video
Jock Osman Pestar is a fighter we’d all wrestle with

Guys, meet Osman Pestar. This ruggedly sexy hunk is a fighter, in the rawest sense of the word. That somehow makes him even hotter. Don’t get me wrong, I’m really not into real violence of any kind, even professional boxing, but there is something damn hot about the guys that are!

This handsome 25-year-old is just starting out, but from the interview, at the start, you can tell he’s a very stereotypical straight guy. I hate to say it, but he does just kinda fit every notion about the uber-straight man. He works in security, he’s into football, boxing, and travel, his fantasy is a threesome with two girls, and he’s never done anything with another guy and never even thought about it (okay, whatever, we know that’s not true. lol

Despite being so typically straight he’s happy to get his uncut cock out and show off that hot body, and we appreciate him for it. If I looked like this guy I would probably be showing it all off whenever I could, too. He delivers a good show, after a little teasing and muscle display he gets himself worked up and reveals a ready hard cock for a good jack off session, and even shows off his virgin ass too before pumping a good load of straight dude cum from his uncut cock, splashing it out over the floor.

The photos are good, but they don’t do him justice in my opinion, you need to check out the video.

Will he be back to try anything with another guy? Well, despite his very straight credentials, I think he will. Underneath that real masculine persona, I can see a flicker of horny curiosity and I get the feeling that while he’ll mask it with the excuse of it being work and making money his cock is gonna be rigid when he gets to play with another one.

You know you’d love to fuck that straight ass
You’d be on your knees in an instant
I do love a rigid uncut cock
Those balls need some sucking too
Imagine him topping you.

Straight Guy Jack Off with Big Man Chuck!

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