Hung Young Petr Vinkler Gets A Straight Guy Massage!

I really like the straight guy massage videos they release at William Higgins, especially when the straight guy has a big uncut cock to milk!

Petr Vinkler Straight Guy Massage

I think I’ve probably said before that I’ve had some good times with straight lads like this.

You’d be surprised how many horny young men are down to let you handle their dick and make them spurt. Or maybe you wouldn’t be surprised at all? lol

Teen Petr Vinkler is new to all of this, but his first straight guy massage is no doubt going to have him back for more.

We don’t know who those hands belong to but they have an awesome job. Can you imagine being paid to wank straight guys like him?

Yeah, I know I’ve said it before, but that has to be one of the best jobs in the world.

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Petr first appeared at William Higgins for a debut back in April, but he’s been back for a few more solo videos since then.

Although he let us know he’s straight in his interview he was obviously open-minded from the start.

Guys know what they’re getting into when they have auditions for a site like this, right? I mean, it’s not exactly a secret that most guys who arrive there end up sharing their dick with other dudes.

This is his first time getting some man-on-man action.

To say he’s enjoying it would be an understatement.

His big cock is soon ready for action. Before it’s even been rubbed or tickled!

Petr gets his hairy hole oiled up and fingered and his long uncut meat is soon stiff and throbbing, being wanked to a big messy cum load.

He’s definitely pleased with himself. Even though this serious teen rarely smirks there’s no doubt he had fun.

I’m looking forward to seeing Petr Vinkler sharing that big cock with some of the other guys!

Click here and watch his straight guy massage session while I go and contemplate a career change.

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