Straight Hunk Goes Gay – Michael Von Steel Is Open To Anything!

Do you want to watch as a hot straight hunk goes gay for the first time? Of course, you do! You can stream this now, along with the two sequels, at TLA Gay Unlimited.

Straight Hunk Goes Gay Michael Von Steel
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Cast list: Ethan, Michael Von Steel

Studio: Jake Cruise

Am I right to think that some guys still have a problem with the whole gay for pay thing? I know that used to be the case back in the 00s, but maybe things have changed since then.

Personally, I always loved it.

Watching as a straight hunk goes gay and discovers how much he likes dick for the first time has always been a bit of a fetish of mine. 🙂

I think that’s mostly because I met guys like that and had some good times with dudes who liked girls but learned to appreciate a good dick.

Michael Von Steel is one such man.

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His arrival wasn’t like most other “straight goes gay” moments we usually see.

You know how it often goes. Guys are offered money, they reluctantly agree to try something mild, they need persuading to try something else. It’s a gradual process for a lot of guys at most gay porn studios.

Michael Von Steel arrived knowing he wanted to make porn. Wanting to make that money and was eager to try new things.

He said he was down to pretty much try anything. And the result is what we see in this first collection of three scenes.

Not only do we get to see him sucking dick for the first time, but he also gets fucked!

Normally when a straight hunk goes gay it takes a whole lot more to get them there. However, this gorgeous stud was down for an adventure and jumped right in.

This hour and forty-five-minute video is seriously hot to watch.

It’s also a great introduction. There are two other movies following his exploits and you can stream all of them on adult ROKU at TLA Gay Unlimited right now.

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Damn, I’m definitely in the wrong job.

Can you imagine being Jake Cruise and getting to play with straight dudes like this guy? Fuck my life! lol

Michael Von Steel Cruise Collection 24 Straight Hunk Goes Gay
Cruise Collection 24 Michael Von Steel
Michael Von Steel Straight Hunk Goes Gay

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