Straight Married Man Nico Coopa Needs The Cock Of Ryder Owens!

We’ve probably all met at least one straight married man we would gladly teach a few things. If only we had the chance, like in Door’s Unlocked from Next Door Raw!

Straight Married Man

It’s the whole “forbidden fruit” thing. Isn’t it?

I don’t think I’ve ever met a gay guy who didn’t have at least a small thing for straight men. We all think we could show a dude a thing or two and have him come back for more. lol

And I have to be the one to say it… it’s kinda true.

I’ve met quite a few straight/curious guys who are just down to get some good head or enjoy some hand job action. They’re rarely into fucking, but many guys seem to have at least some appreciation for a good dick.

The guys I’ve fooled around with have almost always returned for more, too.

We’ve all met at least one straight married man we would love to fuck around with, too, right?

For me, it was a gorgeous man I used to work with a long time ago. He was a super fit, super handsome, and impressively hung married guy who worked in my office.

I know he was hung because his bulge was always impressive!

Nico Coopa actually reminds me a little of that guy.

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He’s the horny fucker lying about being at work while really he’s at the hotel waiting for sexy jock stud Ryder Owens to come and teach him some things.

And you can bet this gorgeous guy has a lot to show him! 😉

Now, I wouldn’t say Nico plays the most convincing straight married man. Nevertheless, we’re not seeking an Oscar-winning performance here.

The two are soon sucking on those glorious cocks and licking each other’s butt holes.

The most important thing is that they both get a damn good bareback fucking and finish off with some well-deserved cum splashes.

I don’t think any guy’s first time has ever been this hot. Let me know in the comments if you think yours was. lol

Click here to watch these two flip fuck. It’s a great session!

Straight Married Man Gay Porn Pics

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