Straight Muscle Man Owen Seth Gets Hot On Cam!

Who doesn’t love watching a straight muscle man playing with himself on cam for a big audience of horny guys?

Admit it. You’d love to show this guy a thing or two.

In reality, he’s the kind of big straight muscle man who would love to show you plenty!

I had no idea Owen Seth existed before I got some pics of him in my emails this morning. You see, I have some buddies who like to send me hotties to check out, and one of those friends is a regular viewer at TopRatedGayPorn.Live.

You can understand why he would be, with horny muscled men like this guy always showing off on live male sex cams.

Owen is a 29-year-old muscle dude who spends a lot of time at the gym.

You don’t get a body like that from a weekly visit.

Trust me, I know. lol

Owen says he used to be a bodybuilder, but these days he’s just maintaining his build.

And what a build it is!

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Once again, he’s from Colombia. I keep saying it, but it seems they have some kind of cam guy training facility there. They just keep coming while we keep cumming!

I’m imagining warehouses full of beds and computers with dudes like this checking in to put on a show.

Whatever they’re doing in Colombia, it’s clearly working.

Allegedly this big guy is 170lbs, but I wonder if that’s an understatement.

He looks bigger than that, right?

Not that it matters. We’re more interested in his 7″ uncut muscle cock and how he likes to play with it for his free male sex chat fans.

It’s probably not much of a surprise that he’s into muscle worship, right?

Check him out in the pics below, and click here to see him on cam.

If you like to see a horny straight muscle man having a great time, you will instantly become a fan!

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