Suited Men Get Fucked in Drenched Vol. 1 from TLA Unlimited!

click to watch Drenched Vol. 1 by Men At Play
Men in suits are damn fine

I have a lot of fetishes, you kind of discover all these little things about yourself when you’re into porn as much as I am. One of the things I’m real into is suited men getting fucked, so you can imagine that a movie like Drenched Vol. 1 would really appeal to me!

click to watch Drenched Vol. 1 by Men At Play
Men in suits are damn fine

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Full cast list: Andy Onassis, Andy Star, Damon Heart, Dani Robles, Dato Foland, Logan Moore, Malek Tobias, Vadim Romanov

Studio: Men At Play

I think my lust for handsome men in suits might actually predate my interest in porn. My first job (no, I’m not telling you how long ago that was) involved horny little me working as a coffee boy in a busy office where there were several gorgeous guys for me to drool over. That was actually before I even worked out that I love cock, so I have no idea how many of those dudes I eyed up at the urinals while I was there would have let me blow them. I’m guessing a few would have! 🙂

This movie is from the awesome Men At Play, one of those studios you might imagine wouldn’t have a big enough audience to make a success out of such a niche fetish but they clearly have, and they so it with such class and style I will forever think they’re significantly underrated.

I have to say that the theme for this one is a little loose. You might think it’s a watersports movie but it’s not, it’s just a bunch of seriously hot hunky men in suits (and some not) in five scenes that all have something “wet” about them. There’s a shower scene, a gym scene, an outdoor fuck on a building site and some office action too, but they’re all very flimsily connected by the wet theme.

Before you ask, I don’t have a favorite scene in this movie, it’s all too damn hot and these guys are all too damn sexy for me to pick just one. Take a look at some of the stills I carefully selected for you and make sure you go and check it out, and get a discount membership using our link. Pay special attention to this one if you love big cum shots, because some of these guys really blast out a whole lot of jizz!

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