Tall, Dark and Handsome Cam Guy Gianni Avedon is another New Fave!

Click to see Gianni Avedon on cam
Some guys are just too handsome.


My list of fave cam guys keeps growing, but that’s not my fault, there are just too many awesome dudes like Gianni Avedon showing off their moves for their fans over at TopRatedGayPorn.Live and they all deserve to be adored by you.

Click to see Gianni Avedon on cam
Some guys are just too handsome.

I confess that I’ve probably spent far too long today gazing at this handsome man and that incredible body. I should have been doing other things like cleaning my apartment and taking the dog for a walk. It’s okay, my pupper likes handsome men too so he’d probably understand the delay. 🙂

Gianni Avedon is a gorgeous man, and I don’t mean that in your usual turning-to-a-friend-and-commenting way. I mean walking-into-traffic-by-accident kinda way. Honestly, this man is so ridiculously handsome and well built you would have to be dead inside to not lust after him. but then I guess that’s proven by how popular he is with his fans.

Aside from looking a lot like a guy I had a major crush on when I was about 19, this man has a lot of other assets too. Gianni is bisexual (aren’t most guys under 40 at least bi-curious these days?). He has a 7-inch uncut cock to show off for his fans in his shows, too. I also got a good look at that tight jock ass right before writing this and believe me when I say Gianni could probably crack walnuts between those cheeks.

I don’t know why anyone would though. I have much better uses in mind. 🙂

I honestly don’t know what else I could say to convince you that you need to go and drool over him while he performs for you. So, instead, I’ll just share some pics of this ridiculous hottie and let you make up your own minds. Enjoy him, click through to watch him, tell him how awesome you think Gianni Avedon is while he’s stroking that uncut dick for you on cam. Please don’t forget that new users get 120 Free Credits courtesy of your friends at Top Rated Gay Porn!

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