Teaching Straight Guys All About Sucking Dick In Serviced Vol. 16


There’s a long list of reasons I would love to get into directing gay porn. The money is good and you’re surrounded by hot dudes on the set, right? Teaching straight guys how much fun can be had sucking cock and eating ass is one of the biggest reasons I would jump at such a career change. Check out this Serviced movie at TLA Gay Unlimited and I think you’ll agree.

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Full cast list: Corban, Ethan, Gennaro, Graham, Greyson, Jonas, Marc, Ransom, Roby, Rowan, Shiloh, Thomas, Troi

Studio: ChaosMen

With a title like Serviced, you should know what you’re gonna get from this movie. If you don’t then you’re gonna want to check out some of the past posts I’ve delivered with other installments of his awesome series.

Service Volume 16, dated 2017, is a full 149 minutes of real gay porn guaranteed to “Disrupt Your Day!” This particular installment contains EIGHT jam-packed scenes with a sexual exploration of the horniest kind. If you love seeing guys getting their first experience of sucking dick and eating ass with other dudes then this is the series for you.

Some of the most famous ChaosMen can be found performing in this compilation. Ransom is one of them. He’s one of the hottest muscle jocks they’ve ever filmed with. He started out straight. However, with some dick play, he was soon all-in and having a great time with other dudes.

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Teaching straight guys to appreciate a stiff dick other than their own isn’t too hard a task. I speak from experience. I think we’ve all had at least one opportunity to show a straight dude what he’s been missing, right?

When it comes to filming for a studio like ChaosMen I guess it’s even easier. These guys obviously know what they’re getting into when they audition so there’s probably curiosity there already.

This two and a half hour release is probably going to be on your watch list for a while. With good reason.

Enjoy some preview pics before going into full fap mode. Then, click here to watch these lucky men teaching straight guys how good some friendly cock play is.

Now if you’ll excuse me I think I need to start getting in touch with all my hot straight friends. Let’s see how many of them want some head? 🙂

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Straight jock Ransom sucks the cock of lucky inexperienced Graham in Serviced Vol.16
With that first taste of cock most straight men get into giving head
Teaching straight guys how to endure a cock edging is a lot of tun.
Some straight men love getting sucked by other guys once they've tried it
Teaching straight guys to suck dick and eat ass is awesome
Straight guy kick back and enjoy it when other men suck their cock
Teaching straight guys about sucking dick is easy
Straight guys like getting sucked by other men in Serviced Vol. 16

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