The Men in Raw Construction Know How to Pound It!

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These guys are more than handy with their tools

Every time I mention one of my own experiences in a post like this I wonder if you guys just think I’m a slut. Then I realize that most of you have been or are a slut too and I feel better about things. I was checking out some of the hottest, manliest, hardcore DVDs and VOD at TLA Video today. When I saw Raw Construction there I knew I had an opportunity to tell you about a dude I knew a few years ago. 🙂

Raging Stallion – Raw Construction

Click to watch Raw Construction gay porn DVD
These guys are more than handy with their tools
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Full cast list: Ricky Larkin, Adam Ramzi, Sharok, Jaxx Thanatos, Grant Ryan, Jay Landford, Trent King, Derek Bolt, Kurtis Wolfe

Studio: Raging Stallion Studios

What About My Construction Friend?

So, I guess you guys wanna hear about my friend? He’s an Aussie guy who settled in the UK a couple of years before I met him. He had worked his way from a minimum-wage job in a bar to working in construction. I met him at a party and we hooked up. He’s a damn fine dude with a great dick, thick and long, and uncut too.

A few months after I met him we were hanging out and getting each other worked up. Then he started telling me about some of the guys he was working with. Although he was the only bisexual guy on the construction crew he’d already sucked off three of them and had one of those guys blow him in return. I know you might be thinking that he was just saying whatever to get me boned-up. Believe me, he didn’t have to try. Nevertheless, I met two of those guys a few weeks later. Surprisingly, they weren’t shy about their experience of being sucked by a dude for the first time.

That’s what I thought about when I saw this adult Roku VOD from Raging Stallion. It’s one of those real masculine movies with big muscled dudes getting their cocks out on the job. Working each other over, sucking man meat and fucking tight butts until their loads are flying out. There are some really fine men in this one too, but you can see that from the list above.

At over two hours long and with five scenes to jack off to you’re gonna be busy with this one for a while. Every moment is worth it.

One of the best things about this movie is that the setting is pretty believable. Not like all those short scenes you get on most gay porn sites. They’ve actually put some effort into this and that makes all the difference. I wish some of those sites out there would try a bit harder to give us the look and feel we need for a theme!

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Check out some of the stills from the movie and then go and watch it.

The socks and boots are hot!
Flip fucking that needs to be seen
You’d blow him too
The hard hat makes all the difference to this scene
Muscle guys do love the dick!

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