The Things I Could Teach Straight Jock Boy Madden Lawrence!

This is one hot straight jock boy I think we’re all gonna hope and pray comes back to be BelAmi for more fun. If you’re a member (and you should be) make sure you go and leave a comment begging for more.

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that this boy stays in shape and is very sporty.

You don’t get a body like that being a gamer on Twitch, right?

Madden Lawrence first arrived at BelAmi back in 2016. He immediately gained a lot of attention from the fans and it wasn’t just because he’s so gorgeous.

He’s got some attitude, and that’s sexy.

Along with being fit, good-looking, and in possession of a gorgeous uncut cock with great balls hanging behind it, he’s got that straight jock boy swagger about him.

He knows you’re jacking off watching him play with his dick and he seems to enjoy it.

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He’s into boxing. Or at least he was in 2016.

Something about that hairstyle, neat and clean, makes me imagine him in an old-timey black and white photo posing with boxing gloves on and wearing a singlet. All he needs is one of those handlebar mustaches! lol

This time he’s enjoying the attention even more. Although it seems we won’t be seeing this straight jock boy hooking up with any of their other fit young hunks I’m happy to be seeing him pleasuring that hard dick and splashing out a good load.

Sure, it would be awesome to see this straight jock boy pumping that meat into another guy’s ass, but for now, I’m gonna take in the sight of him enjoying himself and getting off on the knowledge that he’s making so many guys spill a load with him 🙂

Check out some pics and click here for his video. If you’re a member there then make sure you leave a comment on his video begging for more.

You never know, he might come back to get some head or something.

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