Top Rated Cam Of The Month: Killian & Crew

Killian has a lot of buddies to share cock with!

You probably know Adam Killian from his work in hardcore gay porn productions from some of the biggest studios in America, but did you know this big-dicked stud also appears on cam, with some of his extremely horny buddies?

Killian has a lot of buddies to share cock with!

I was just at a loose end with not much to do (we all know this means it’s time to jack off, right?) and I thought I should probably check in at TopRatedGayPorn.Live and see what’s going on. I’m already pretty familiar with some of the best performers on the site but when I checked out the top rated cams for the month I found Killian & Crew and decided to take a look.

Basically, I’m now his bitch. I want to watch everything Adam Killian has ever done with his buddies there.

I guess it doesn’t take a genius to know that you’re gonna get some great performances with these guys. Most cam men are playing solo, jerking off, and enjoying toys while chatting with their fans. All things I love to watch. However, Killian has a whole bunch of horny porn star pals to invite into shows with him. Those connections pay off as it leads to a whole lot of full-on fucking.

Can you imagine what his life is like? Knowing so many dudes who just love to get off as much as possible? I bet he gets a hundred texts a day from buddies wanting to hook up.

Check out some of the highly produced content Adam’s been in previously for a glimpse into his pornstar past. TLA Gay Unlimited would be a good place to start. They have an amazing library of movies to stream at unbeatable prices.

Furthermore, you should check out some past Killian & Crew videos for proof just how hot these guys are! If you love real action with real horny guys, that is! Honestly, that’s one of the best things about watching men like this on cam. You know there’s no script and no editing. It’s just natural horny fucking between guys and they’re having a fucking awesome time.

Check out some of the stills from the video archive, and click to check it all out!

Kinky ass fucking action is a regular theme
Owning some tight hole
You’d eat him out, right?
Getting a good gobble of hard jock cock

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