Twunk Top Antony Carter Pounds Muscle Hunk Daniello Danure!

If we all had a buddy like this sexy twunk top, we’d probably be pretty shameless around him, too.

Daniello Danure is the super horny hunk who just doesn’t seem to care that Antony Carter is snoozing on the couch right behind him.

With some Jawked porn on his phone, he’s soon freeing his hard uncut meat from his pants.

He’s a shameless ‘bator, it seems.

I’m not sure why he seems so surprised when he discovers Antony has caught him, and his own big uncut dick is swollen in response. lol

Being a guy who had a lot of horny jack off experiences with friends back in the day, I love this kind of start to a video.

Granted, none of my wank mates back then were down to suck and fuck, but if they had been, I would have learned a lot about myself far sooner than I did.

Twunk top Antony is ready to take things beyond a friendly wank in Naughty Nap.

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If Daniello wasn’t expecting to get caught, he sure is prepared for what happens next.

The two kick off a furious session of cock sucking and hole licking.

Truly, I love seeing both of these guys on video.

Antony is the kind of twunk top who really dominates. Daniello is the kind of power-bottom who loves to be ravaged.

Together they make an awesome team!

With cocks drooling and Daniello’s ass desperate for a pounding, Antony delivers one of his classic ravaging fucks.

Of course, it’s gonna finish with some great cum loads.

Daniello launches his nut with Antony’s big bare cock pumping his ass, and the handsome man is soon getting a greedy facial with Antony splashing his semen into his mouth and all over his beard!

Enjoy some of the pics but click here for the video. You should probably read my Jawked review if you haven’t already. 😉

Still here? Click to see Daniello getting pounded and spooged!

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