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BelAmi is famous for their twinks and their uncut jock boys. I believe we’re looking at the start of an extraordinary career for this damn fine young man.

As is often the case, Johnny McLeod reminds me of a dude I used to know.

I wish I had a time machine to go back and hook up with all those guys I used to know back then. I’m pretty sure some of them would have been down to fuck around if I’d had the balls to offer. lol

Alas, when I had the chance, I was a confused geeky guy too shy to do much more than jerking it with random dudes.

Like the guy I knew, Johnny is a handsome, built, young athletic jock with a great attitude.

Luckily, he’s not shy at all. I guess you’ll be willing to show off when you look like this, with a delicious uncut jock cock to play with.

It’s not long before his pink meat is out of his white briefs, and he’s swelling up while he plays with his dick.

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This isn’t his first rodeo, so to speak.

While he is new to the site, he’s been on gay cams for a little while, alongside his brother!

Yeah, he has a brother who looks a lot like him.

Although we’re getting to see Johnny posing and rubbing that lovely dick to a cum load in this solo, he’s actually already been in a hardcore video.

I’m gonna surprise you and tell you he bottomed for TWO GUYS.

Yeah, this gorgeous young man is only just starting out in his porn career. However, Johnny’s already taken two big dicks in his ass. lol

I think we have another BelAmi porn star on our hands with this one. What do you think?

Click here and see him rubbing up that dick and spurting a nice load of jock cream for the boys. You can bet I’m gonna be keeping an eye on what he does next.

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