Welcome to a new running series on the TRGP blog where I check out some of the new releases at NakedSword and give a little info about them. I hope you’re ready for a long one because this week has been pretty fucking awesome for hardcore new arrivals. Get your lube ready, you’re gonna be clicking through to enjoy the Netflix of Gay Porn. Check out these titles, and that dick of yours is gonna get a weekly workout!

Weekly Workout at NakedSword

RIMMING STRAIGHT BOYS DVD (01:28) click to watch

RIMMING STRAIGHT BOYS DVD weekly workout porn
Just like it says on the cover

I guess we’ve reached a point where it’s pretty hard to find an original title for a movie. Given that everything has pretty much been done a million times thus far. There are a thousand DVDs and streaming videos in every theme, right? So, why not just go with the outright obvious? In this instance Vimpex Gay Media and 8Teen Plus have done exactly that, calling their movie all about straight boys being rimmed “Rimming Straight Boys.”

I guess I don’t need to tell you much more about this one. Other than to point out that it’s damn hot for all the fans of anal fun, and straight boys. Let’s be honest. Who in their right mind doesn’t love seeing some horny young straight guys getting their virginal buttholes explored and played with? There’s more going on than just that, with bareback fucking, cock sucking, and a whole lot of cum splashing from those big dicks. Make sure you check out the five full scenes in this one! 🙂

IN NEED OF COCK DVD (01:59) click to watch

weekly workout pick, In Need of Cock DVD
My life story in a DVD title

Oh look, the Alphamale Fuckers studio stole the title for my memoirs, bastards! I’m not sure there’s an actual theme for this one other than it being totally real and rough. But then I guess we should expect that from a studio like this. There are no big sets and glossy finish, this is all real hardcore cock lust with genuine guys. You won’t find getting hair and makeup done before hauling out their dicks and getting to work on each other.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a lot of those smooth and muscled buff hunks from the likes of BelAmi. Yet, sometimes you just want some nasty, horny, real fucking. And that’s exactly what you get with this bareback collection of scenes. If you like your guys genuine, greedy, and desperately in need of cock, then you’re gonna have a great time with these five scenes of awesome action. I can’t say I have a fave scene out of them. Nevertheless, watching Brian Bonds and Danny Blue going at it really got me on the edge of unloading.

REAL MEN 44: NASTY RAW DADDIES (01:30) click to watch

nasty raw daddies dvd
What’s “nasty” about daddies enjoying dick?

This is another example of just calling it like it is, although I’m not sure what’s exactly “nasty” about them. I think that’s one of those words that’s overused in gay porn. If you can’t guess what this movie is about from the title then the cover should pretty much make it clear. If you’re into horny daddies (a lot of guys are, myself included) then you’re gonna want to watch the five scenes of hardcore raw ass slamming action in this one. I can’t say I’m too familiar with Pantheon Productions. However, if this is the kind of content they put out on the regular then I think I might need to pay a bit more attention and maybe start writing a list of all the videos of theirs I need to see.

We’ve got guys like Adam Ryker, Angelo Marconi, and Atlas Grant getting their big daddy dick out and sucking each other off, sliding into holes and blasting off some big messy loads in this one. This content is probably gonna have you all coming back for more. You get six scenes in this one, but it has to be said that the final session is a solo with Kyle Savage. I don’t know if that technically counts, or not. It’s still fucking hot watching him working that big piece, though!

JAKE JAXSON’S ALL SAINTS (02:45) click to watch

Jake Jaxson's All Saints weekly workout pick at NakedSword
Can gay fucking be “saintly”?

This isn’t the first time the CockyBoys studio has gone all religious on us. Nonetheless, at least they’re not going crazy with it like the BelAmi studio when they actually filmed in Vatican City. This setting caused such a stir it gained them the kind of notoriety all other studios were jealous of. The five scenes in this near three-hour extravaganza aren’t on that scandalous level, but they are fucking hot. With superstars of gay hardcore like Carter Dane, Levi Karter, Francois Sagat and Ricky Roman (to name a few) this action-packed hardcore fuckfest is gonna wear you out.

I should caution you that it’s unwise to watch this alone and with your cock in your hand, in one sitting. There’s a lot to enjoy here and you don’t want to do yourself an injury! As for the story, it’s set in New Orleans and it’s hard to follow along if I’m honest. There’s so much cock and cum all over the place you’re probably gonna get to the end, wondering if there was a story piecing it all together (at least, that’s what I did). But, it’s gorgeously shot, which is not something you can usually say about porn. There’s real art here when it comes to cinematography, and that’s rare in this business. Go and check it out!

Weekly Workout Wrap Up

In conclusion, that’s my gay porn weekly workout picks from NakedSword for this week. If you haven’t seen any of these movies or any of the individual scenes then you really should go and take a peek. I know a lot of you are members there already (the clever readers are!). Now go and get your workout buddy and get sweaty. Come back next week for #2 and see what’s new!

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