Ah, we’re at the end of another week, and I can’t tell you how happy I am to finally get a few days off.  NakedSword to share, and boy is it a good mix of hotties having awesome sex! If you haven’t checked out our NakedSword Review yet, make sure you do that.

NakedSword Weekly Release

RANGERS (01:13) Click to watch

Rangers DVD from Bijou Classics
Men in uniform are looking for dick!

Hands up if you love the sight of a man in uniform. Okay, I can’t see you, but I imagine a few of you just emphatically lifted an arm, at least in your mind. I don’t know why it is but whether it’s a military uniform, a cop, or even a damn security officer, something about a dude in uniform really does it for me. This movie from Bijou Classics has a little more than just that to get me off because it’s also about country men out in the wilderness and you guys all know I love a hot masculine fucker. By the time I’d shot my first load watching this (there was more than one) I was ready to pack a tent and get out there in the hopes of finding a strapping hunk like any of these men out in the woods.

Then I realized I’m in the UK and we don’t have hunky “Rangers” with names like Vance or Killian, we have parks employees with names like Timothy and Benjamin, wearing wellington boots and carrying sandwiches and a Thermos of soup. This classic movie is definitely worth watching. Al Parker, Chris Allen, Daniel Holt, and Gregory Gerrard appear in four scenes of hot action between men, out in the mountains and parks, and it’s mostly threesomes too. If I was going to rate this, it would get 4/5 boner salutes. Click the link to the left or the DVD to go and check it out!

PERVERSE GAMES (01:49) Click to watch

Perverse Games DVD
Dirty boys getting that dick!

I think the fact that this movie comes to us from Bareback Boy Bangers tells us most of what we need to know here. It’s a movie for all the fans of gorgeous, slim, smooth European boys with big cocks, hungry mouths, and tight little bareback butts! While I admit I prefer my guys with a little more muscle I wouldn’t be able to turn down the advances of any of these eager young guys. Five scenes deliver some amazing action with these sexy young performers and their big busting boners, starting out with a simple duo but leading to an ultimate orgy of hard young dick being licked, sucked, stroked, and slammed into raw young holes.

I’m not sure where the title of “Perverse Games” comes from, but I guess it’s because the boys are teenage types and the theme is young guys exploring… whatever the reason for the title, the action these guys share is pretty damn good and I think I’ll probably be adding it to my list for another viewing. I’m not gonna list all the names of the guys appearing in this one, because there’s a lot of them, but there are sixteen guys and some of them will be familiar to you if you’re into European twinks.

EXPLOSIVE LOADS (01:24) Click to watch

Explosive Loads DVD
All about the gooey finish

We’ve been seeing quite a few cumshot compilation movies dropping over the last few weeks, it seems studios have been taking a few hints from the most popular videos on tube sites and trying to incorporate those themes into their own catalog. Having said that, while “Explosive Loads” might sound like one of those releases, it’s actually a collection of hardcore scenes with a lot of sucking and fucking going on before we get to those creamy messes. You get four scenes in this movie from the EricVideos studio, and if you’re at all familiar with Eric Deman himself you’ll know that it’s delivered with a specific down and dirty feel. This is one of those productions where you get the feeling the men are really just there to have awesome sex.

Maybe they’re just great at giving that impression, but when I watch movies like this, where scenes just seem to be filmed wherever they can find the space to hook up, it does feel as though these guys are just really into it and having a great time. There are some great cum loads in this bareback movie, whether they’re shooting off in faces and mouths or up another dude’s ass. If you like real fucking with horny men and good loads to end it, you’ll want to check it out. Angel Cruz, Antonio Miracle, Cristiano, Dani Roberts, Eric Deman, Fabio Vini, Flo Carrera, Kriss Aston, and Stefan Raw star.

BEAUTIFUL BOYS (01:47) Click to watch

Beautiful Boys DVD from Jake Jaxson
Truth in Advertising!

There are a lot of sites and studios out there just releasing the same thing over and over again. You know what I’m talking about, right? I could probably shame a few websites by name, but I won’t do it mainly because I like my job and I feel as though some might come after me. All they do is copy the same moves for each scene, just swapping out the performers. You could specifically detail exactly what they do in a video – kissing, sucking each other, one rims the other and then fucks him from behind, spoons him, then fucks him on his back. That’s it, same shit different dudes. CockyBoys isn’t one of those predictable players pumping it out for bucks.

CockyBoys has won plenty of awards for their quality and style, doing things differently and producing entertainment worthy of comment. “Beautiful Boys” is the kind of movie that really shows off their skills. They don’t need a theme or story to string together these four scenes of hardcore gay porn, it’s all about the gorgeous guys just enjoying each other in perfectly shot and expertly edited fun. If I worked on filming porn, this is the kind of studio I would love to work for. Director Jake Jaxson delivers a glorious collection of guys for this movie, including Andreo Matteo, Cory Kane, Grayson Lange, Josh Rider, Levi Karter, Mateo Vice, Sean Ford, and Troy Accola. I think a few of these guys are pretty new to the business too, but given how awesome this studio is I expect we’ll be seeing more of all of them.

NakedSword Weekly Wrap-Up

There we have it, boys, that’s your recommended porn viewing for the coming days if you can handle it. Let me know in the comments if you watch any of them and what you thought of the action. While you’re here you should join the NEWSLETTER, and if you haven’t read the NakedSword Review yet you should probably check that out.

Have a great Friday night!

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